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DNA in genealogy

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Re: DNA in genealogy

Postby Norfolk Nan » Thu Aug 29, 2019 6:27 pm

I’ve got two out of three of those tests and they are individual files (possibly because they were done at different times?) so I’ve only tried uploading the autosomal results. I’ve contacted both LivingDNA and MyHeritage but neither has an answer.
Norfolk Nan
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Re: DNA in genealogy

Postby MysticDave » Sun Sep 01, 2019 4:33 pm

Norfolk Nan wrote:Can I jump in here and ask if anyone has had experience of uploading the raw DNA data from one test site to others? I've tested with LivingDNA but while all sites invite you to share your data, most reject LivingDNA files. I wonder if this is a common problem or something particular to my data.

The links provided here have been very interesting so thank you...

I had my DNA tested with Britain’s DNA ( no longer doing ancestry tests). The results were interesting to say the least! I had tended to think that my father’s side was Celtic and A/S, although the Y is very old Celtic. My mother was illegitimate, so I didn’t know my maternal father. She came from Surrey, so I expected a mix of Celtic and Jute. On the results, there is a big line along the old Celtic route from the Med via western France, not really any A/S, a decent bit of French (this makes sense now I know more about my mother’s maternal family) and then - well, I am 25% Jewish! Most of that is Polish and Russian with some Sephardic. There is some Norwegian Viking, although I know my senior gggranny came from Dublin.

I transferred the data to My Heritage, which tells me I am 70% Western European, 27% English, 3% Norwegian, 0% Scots/Welsh/Irish and 0% Ashkenazi Jew. So, the transfer was fine, but the results are rather different (although a bump on my nose would show Britain’s DNA is right).

What is more interesting are the connections. I have quite a few distant cousins in Norway, but the common ancestor must be over a thousand years ago, but we do have blues-grey eyes in the family. I have relations all over Europe, probably from the Jewish side, and a little DNA is supposed to be Far East, so that throws up the question of whether these DNA segments mean an ancestor came from that area or whether the original DNA has just travelled off in two directions. It is odd how some markers have survived a thousand years, yet if you look at some family groups, you can see how some DNA links disappear. Maybe if it is a key feature like eyes, that is why the marker has survived?

I found a photo of a chap, who was my father’s third cousin, and he looked very much like my grandfather! However, I know about some third cousins (interesting how the brother and sister only share 37%), yet my closest relative at second cousin once removed I have absolutely no idea about and rather suspect that there is a stronger DNA signal than it should be.

Anyway, the upshot is: use DNA as just another clue and acknowledge that the science is still not that reliable. Maybe it would be worth some of these WDYTYA celebs checking their DNA to see how close the results are to what their ancestry is? Worst thing about all this is that I am a descendant if Edward III, which makes me a distant cousin of Danny Dyer ...
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