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1939 Register accuracy

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1939 Register accuracy

Postby junkers » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:47 pm

Whilst I was at The National Archives (TNA) this week I looked for the entry for one of my ancestors, Sarah Walton Benzies, who lived for many years in Twickenham. Not only could I not find her but according to the index there was only one person in England and Wales with the surname Benzies (a Scottish surname) but I knew there was a group of them in the Northumberland area. After searching for about 20 minutes I looked and found the entry for her uncle whom she had lived with since about 1901 and discovered that the FMP/TNA version had her listed with the name Menzies. The entry clearly shows her name starts with a 'B' and a large one at that. On checking ancestry they had 32 people with the name Benzies, I still couldn't find her entry on their version, that have listed it as Beezies. This hardly inspires confidence for the 1921 Census and in my view it is pretty poor, especially as FMP are doing the 1921 Census in the first instance.
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Re: 1939 Register accuracy

Postby Guy » Thu Aug 08, 2019 6:44 am

It was a simple transcription error which could have been made in transcription or indexing.

However she is easily found by searching on FMP with what you know for example Sarah or Sarah W birth 1880 in the Borough/District of Twickenham returns 49 and 15 results.

Sarah in the Borough/District of Twickenham with a birth date 15 April (04) 1880 returns 1 result.

Even Sarah with a birth date 15 April (04) 1880 returns only 150 results.

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