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Re: Virgina Sainsbury

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Re: Virgina Sainsbury

Postby windowframe » Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:53 am

Further to researching on Virginia Sainsbury, as I was not able to find her on the 1841 census,
I have now found a V.S on the 1841 census age 15 born abt 1826, it comes under inmate at
The Magdalen Hospital, St George the Martyr, London Road, Southwark,Surrey, piece no.1086,
book 10, folio 18, page 2.
I checked out The Magdalen Hospital, and it seems it is for "Reception of Penitent Prostitutes",
my question is: can anyone tell me is there a way to find out who the name with the initals V.S
are, could it be my Virginia Sainsbury, and where would I find any records that could tell me,
any help would be greatly appreciated.
Virginia was bapt.28 Dec,1828 at St Clement Danes,Westminster.
Thanks to Ianbee in helping me earlier with my request, see my last postings.
Thanks again in advance. Moya
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Re: Virgina Sainsbury

Postby avaline » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:05 am

This isn't at all conclusive, but the Morning Post of 10 May 1842 has an article about the death of a prostitute named Mary Ann Dorty aged 25 who lodged at 25 Castle Lane, Westminster. The previous Monday she had argued with a woman named Sainsbury, who lived next door. Both were the worse for drink & it escalated to violence. The same night Mary Ann Dorty began vomiting blood, which continued for a few days until she died.

Sainsbury was remanded on causing her death, but the coroner's inquest decided the death was natural.

The first name of the woman 'Sainsbury' is never mentioned, but on the 1841 census you mentioned there is also a M A D, which could be Mary Ann Dorty, although her age is recorded as 15 so doesn't tally.
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Re: Virgina Sainsbury

Postby windowframe » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:34 pm

Many thanks for the reply Avaline, I will look into it a bit more, not sure about the M.A.D person.
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