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Roots Tech in London

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Roots Tech in London

Postby junkers » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:19 pm

I do think that charging £99 for a three-day pass is way over the top. As someone who lives just outside London that is a lot, let along for people a distance from London. Are we being taken for granted, it has to offer more than just a few celebrities. I for one will not be going.
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Re: Roots Tech in London

Postby AdrianB38 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 6:45 am

It's £49 for one day!!!

I've never been particularly impressed by the programmes for Rootstech in the US - a lot of so-called inspirational speakers, for one.

I shudder to think what a little society or company would have to pay for a stall. So no, I'm not intending to go.

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Re: Roots Tech in London

Postby JaneyH » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:37 am

I appreciate it’s not the cheapest event and it’s not for everyone. I’ve bought a three-day pass (I found a special offer at £89) and plan to attend on all three days. I live in Kent so it’s not too far to travel each day ... and because I work in London I have a season ticket for the train in any case. I wasn’t able to go to the Family Tree Live event back in April so this is my big treat for the year. (Plus my husband and son are delighted that I’m doing family history on my own and not dragging them around a graveyard again! )

I’m not particularly bothered by the ‘celebrity’ aspect of the event, but now that details of lectures are coming out there’s a lot that I want to see: several different sessions on DNA research, and lectures on tracing both Welsh and Irish ancestors (two areas I’ve put on the ‘too difficult’ pile for years).

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Re: Roots Tech in London

Postby AdrianB38 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:17 am

Yes, I can see that you could actually get quite a bit out of it, especially if you're not paying anything extra for the train nor probably taking that much longer for the journey. For me, coming down from Cheshire, it's the train, 2 Underground journeys and a quick trip on the Docklands Light (according to Mr Google). And then all the way back! That's 2h 45m each way roughly. The sheer effort of that does tend to put a different complexion on things.

I have an ambivalent attitude to classes - a lot of good stuff to hear but difficult to get round the "in one ear and out the other" problem when you're being fed stuff at a rapid rate for a long time. And everything depends on the environment that the classes take place in. The only time I went to WDYTYA Live, the classes were severely disadvantaged by taking place in the main hall.

Well, good luck Janey!
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Re: Roots Tech in London

Postby MaureenE » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:32 am

Previous Rootstech sessions etc have been videoed. ... -fsup-8281

Perhaps the London sessions will also be videoed, so If you don't attend you perhaps may be able to catch up.

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