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Tracing a mistress and illegitimate child

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Tracing a mistress and illegitimate child

Postby lproudfoot » Sun Jun 23, 2019 12:51 pm

My great-aunt has told me that her father, Henry Charles Victor Bicknell, had an affair in the early 1920s in Brighton that produced a daughter around the same time that she was born in 1924. She told me that her father ended up having to pay £5 a month child support for his illegitimate child. Henry and his wife Gertrude Dorothy were living at 52 Chester Terrace Preston (now in Brighton).

I was wondering if anyone was aware of any possible way to find out who the mistress was or who the child was? If my great-grandfather had to pay child support would he have had to go to court, and would there be any records of this?

I am writing a biography of my great-grandfather and this is a major part of his life but what I have written here is all of the information on it that I have and I would love to be able to find out more detail to add to this part of his story.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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Re: Tracing a mistress and illegitimate child

Postby SarahDevs » Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:24 pm

I have something similar but the other way round - my grandmother was illegitimate and I have a strong suspicion who her father was but no way of proving it yet!

Do you have Find My Past membership and if so have you tried a newspaper search? I've been told that maintenance etc was dealt with in the Petty Sessions so something may have been reported in the local press, especially if it was salicious! My great grandmother featured on the front page of Sunday People in 1907 under the headline Master and Maid..!

Might be a good place to start...

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