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The Legacy of Robert Hamilton

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The Legacy of Robert Hamilton

Postby josephmartin » Fri Jun 21, 2019 1:58 am

In 1781, a wealthy Manchester (Lancashire) merchant, Robert Hamilton, died without issue. His wife was Mary Kenworthy.
In his will he left his fortune to her and other family members.
His wife survived him for another 20 years.
Alas, Roberts wishes as to where his wealth was to be distributed was not adhered to, and so this led to a big argument!
In 1840 a group of people who had been denied this inheritance got together and tried to retrieve the money. Some succeeded, but most didn't . About 1880, the case was revived again, but again , it was all in vain.
I would love to find out stories from the descendants of these claimants. Please get in touch if the story rings a bell.
He lived in King Street, Manchester, and was involved with the Manchester Ship Canal.
Surnames involved include Holt, Dearden, Schofield, Kenworthy, Young, Best, Siddall, Hamilton, Taylor and many more.
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