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Census's and workhouses

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Census's and workhouses

Postby AJohnP » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:44 pm

Although I have addresses of workhouses for certain years I cannot find the piece number and/or folio for the Workhouse Census's
I am looking for Norwich workhouses census's for 1861 to 1891 with Piece numbers etc for look up of the inmates.
I have already looked at the big workhouse site on line this helps with addresses but I cannot find the piece numbers for the census's.
Any help welcome
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Re: Census's and workhouses

Postby MoVidger » Tue Jun 18, 2019 5:20 pm

For the 1861 census, Norwich Workhouse (Heigham Parish) can be found at Piece: 1220 Folio: 162
I believe this is the Workhouse at Bowthorpe Road.

1871 census, Norwich Workhouse (Heigham Civil Parish) -- Piece: 1822 Folio: 117
1881 census, Norwich Union Workhouse (Heigham Civil Parish) -- Piece: 1953 Folio: 137
1891 census, Norwich Workhouse (Heigham Civil Parish) -- Piece: 1532 Folio: 134

Be sure to indicate "West Wymer" for the Registration Sub-District for all of the above.

On Ancestry, you could try using "inmate" or "workhouse" for the Keyword during a search of those years.

For example, if you search the Norwich 1871 census with keyword "inmate", it also brings up: "The Great Hospital: a Charitable Institution for the Maintenance of Aged Men and Women" Piece: 1811 Folio: 106. In 1891, "The Great Hospital" can be found under Piece: 1522 Folio: 130
I've no idea if The Great Hospital had any affiliation with the Norwich Poor Law Union Workhouse, though.

Also, if you have a FMP subscription, they have this record collection: Norfolk Poor Law Union Records 1796-1900 Image Browse only. From these records you discover names, family relationships, residences, event dates, children’s ages, and birth and death dates. NOTE: I believe these records may be available to search (for free) on as well.
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