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Surrey Institutional Records with an emigration connection.

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Surrey Institutional Records with an emigration connection.

Postby MaureenE » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:47 am

Surrey Institutional Records with an emigration connection, available FamilySearch/findmypast

There was an article in a recent issue of Descent, Journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists, June 2019, page 31 ... escent.pdf

about records held on FamilySearch microfilm of the Royal Philanthropic Society in London which was set up for the admission of the offspring of convicts and the reformation of criminal poor children.

The FamilySearch catalogue entry is Admission, discharge and other records, 1788-1890
Author: Royal Philanthropic Society
These records are viewable at Family History Centres and Affiliate Libraries.

Description of the s records : "These are the records of the Royal Philanthropic Society, organized in 1788 "for the admission of the offspring of convicts and the reformation of criminal poor children." This society housed, clothed, fed, schooled and apprenticed these children with the end goal that that they would become "useful members of society." While the records indicate that many boys absconded, the records of those who remained in "the reform" are extensive. Emigration was encouraged, and records exist of those who went to Canada, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Letters sent by the emigrants back to the Society and to others were transcribed and recorded in the "Letter Book," which also kept annual track of their whereabouts. The majority of the children were from the streets of London, but originated from all over Great Britain. In later years, many came from Cheshire. These late 19th century records also include a photograph of each boy (none of the girls was ever photographed). Most volumes include an index at the beginning, and the "Working ledger" includes, along with the name of each boy emigrant, the name of the ship on which he sailed, and his ultimate destination. Many of these children were the sons and daughters of a parent or parents transported to Australia".

Surrey Record Office: 2271/9/1, 10/1-20, 11/1-2, 13/1-2, 18/1-3, 19/1, 24/1-3, 33/1-2, 36/3

findmypast in the records "Surrey Institutional Records 1788-1939" includes "Redhill, Royal Philanthropic School Admission Registers 1788-1906" ... -1788-1939
However, no other details are provided, so perhaps the FamilySearch records are more extensive.

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