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George Davies/Davis Brick wall again please help

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George Davies/Davis Brick wall again please help

Postby windowframe » Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:24 am

Hi again, I really am struggling to sort out my problem, have done some more researching, but again
cannot seem to find George's birth/Bapt, and again trying to find any Thomas Davies/Davis married have found a mother/wife as Jane,Eliza,Mary,Sarah etc. but not able to work out which one is mine if any, found one birth/bapt for a George Davies 28Aug,1828 Chelsea,London living at 12 Wildemils Row,
father as William Davies, mother as Elizabeth Davies(Abbot) but on George's marriage cert.he states his father is Thomas Davies,dairyman. Have checked census records and again I seem to not find anything that helps me connect, can someone please give me some advise where to go with all this,and again would like to thank you in advance. Help!!!!
Maybe I am missing something or not looking in the right place.


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Re: George Davies/Davis Brick wall again please help

Postby ciderdrinker » Wed Jun 05, 2019 12:13 pm

Yes this one is really hard.I do think Lower George St is the key.The Tapson's would be neighbours and it would explain why they are witnesses.
So how many Davies/Davis are ther in lower George St in 1841?
Well there are these
Thomas Davis 30 cowkeeper y
Eliza 35 y
Samuel Turner 16 y
Charles Turner 14 y
Eliza Turner 12 y
William Turner 9 y
Mary Davis 68 ind y
Thomas 5 y

It seems Thomas Davis married Eliza Turner at St George Hannover Square 9.4.1835 .wit Joseph Green and Mary Hewitt.
No fathers or marital status.
There are baptisms at the same church for the Turner children
Thomas Henry 23/31.10 1824 Ebury St milkman
Samuel 24.8/11.9.1825
Eliza 29.10./5.11.1826
Charles Thomas 28.9.1827/6.1.1828
Eliza Betsey 1.11/15.11.1829
William Henry Lewis 26.1/24.2.1832

Thomas Davis also baptised there 24.1.1836/14.2.1836 Edbury St dairyman
You could just squeeze George in in 1828 but no baptism I can see.

Eliza Davis sems to be buried at Little Codigan place 8.1.1851 age 47 years at St Luke's Chelsea
But Thomas Davis does fit the bill as the dairyman/cowkeepr.

The other Davies Mary Davies ,Ann,George,Charles,Eliza and Mary.
Charles Davis married Eliza Anton 20.8.1837 at Battersea -fathers William Davis engraver and James Anton whitesmith.
Mary Davies 40 seems to be the wife/widow of Charles Davies bricklayer -children George 15.2.1829 born 22.1.1829 St Luke,Henry 27.12.1830 bapt 16.1.1831 Westbourne st Bricklayer.
They married at St Luke's 7.3.1831 Charles and Mary Taylor wit Joseph Thomas Taylor and Matilda Bloxam.
So perhaps an aunt with a nephew living next door.
There are two brothers Charles Davis/Davies bapt St Mary Kennsington 21.3.1805 with a brother William bapt 18.4.1802 at st Lukes both sons of William and Eliza Davis.
Other brother Robert bapt 10.9.1809 also in George St in 1841 with wife Anne 50 and a John Anton living with them marble maker.
There is also a Thomas Davis/Davies to the couple 2.6.1800

I'll see what else I can find

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Re: George Davies/Davis Brick wall again please help

Postby windowframe » Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:44 pm

Thank you Ciderdrinker for your prompt reply and all that info. I am very grateful for all this,
I will do some more on these people you have mentioned, but again, I feel that my George is still
elusive as to his father being Thomas, and who is his mother, needs a lot more searching, but unfortunately as I live in Australia I feel that some records may not be online for me to view, maybe I am wrong, and again anymore help would really appreciative. Thank you again.
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