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Postby KatherineL » Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:57 pm

Good evening, please help

Enrique Uhthoff is from an extremely wealthy family
Annie Louisa Brookes is a servant
Enrique and Annie have a child Claude Henry Uhthoff, stating on his birth certificate and baptism that they are married but they are not

Unable to find:

1911 England Census
Enrique Henry Uhthoff born 1875
Kathleen May Uhthoff (maiden name Collinson)
Ida May Adelaide Uhthoff born 1906 (named after her mother and grandmother Adelaida who died suddenly in 1888 aged 42)

1911 England Census
Arthur Henry Parnall (but could have died 1911 in Manhattan, New York)
Annie Louisa Parnall born 1880 (maiden name Brookes)
Claude Henry Parnall/Uhthoff born 1897

Or there is every possibility that they are living abroad or travelling to and from the UK

It seems with Claude, the Uhthoff family are happy for him to be in the 1905 US Census and 1910 US Census but not the 1901 UK Census and 1911 UK Census - do people know in advance when the census is going to take place to go abroad or just be 'out' to not complete their information

Claude's father Enrique was in the 1896 newspapers, so his family are well known, his father Ludolfe left the family a £1.7MILLION fortune and grandfather Henry left the family a £13MILLION fortune appear in the newspapers regularly too - having an illegitimate child with a 17 year old servant in 1897 would have been scandalous for such a wealthy family.

Claude, his father Enrique and grandfather Ludolfe are also not found on the 1901 census, perhaps Claude has been taken abroad as Ludolfe dies in Switzerland in 1903.

Could a wealthy family have such control over hiding an illegitimate child in Victorian times.

Thank you for your help.
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Postby ciderdrinker » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:17 pm

I had a bit of a look at the passenger records to and from the US.
Annie Louisa Parnell arrives back from New York 23 May 1911 .
So at the time of the 1911 census in England she would be in the US.

I can see no return for Claude Henry after he left the Uk on 1st May 1909 on the Minniewaska .
I'm presuming he and Arthur Parnell remain in NY during the time of the 1911 census rather than anything sinister going on.Like you struggling to see him on the 1901 and the family didn't go to the US until 29th Nov 1903 on the Mesaba. Arthur went a little earlier on the 28th July 1903 on the Menominee.We do know Arthur and Annie must have been in London for their wedding 31 July 1901.

And yes if you had the money like the Uhotoff you could pretty much do what you liked.
The trade directories place Enrique Uhtoff in 17 Glazbury Road 1905 Kensington and in Chelsea 1911 Saonhurset Effingham Road Surbiton .No sin of him on the census or anything on the wife and daughter until the 1920's.

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