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George Davies/Davis family brick wall

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George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby windowframe » Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:05 am

I have a George Davies/Davis who married Virgina Sainsbury.
The facts about George are:
he was married 3rd Dec,1848 at St.Lukes,Chelsea,London. says he is a dairyman living at 1 Marlboro' Rd. his father is Thomas Davies also dairyman.George says he is 20/21
George & wife came out on the Mary Shepherd ship leaving UK on 16 Dec 1848 arriving 4 Apr 1849 in
Australia, George states he was born Chelsea,Middlesex and is a farm laborer.
On all of his 9 children born in Australia, he states he was born Chelsea,London.
On 2 of his childrens baptisms he states he is a paper stainer, but on the other 5 children he states he is a miner, and on the other 2 childrens he states he is a brickmaker up until he died.
While searching for Georges parents and siblings I came across on the 1841 census this family:
living at 1 Whiteland's Terrace/Blackland Lane, St Luke's Chelsea,
Thomas Davis 44 yrs paper stainer
Sarah Davis 45 yrs Laundry?
Thomas Davis 22 yrs paper stainer
William Davis 16 yrs
George Davis 14 yrs
Elizabeth Oldknow 82 yrs Ind.
I have also found a Thomas Davis/Davies in the following records:
1841 census Thomas Davis b.1780 living at Three cups yard,St Andrew Holborn,London,milkman
1851 census Thomas Davis b.1782 living at Princes St, St Andrew Holborn, London ,cowkeeper
LMA 23 Mar 1827 Thomas Davis,26 Bedford St,Bedford Row as milkman.
London Gazette 31 Dec 1842, Thomas Davis,formally of Boswell St,Queen Sq, cow Keeper and dairyman, then of late 41 Three cups-yard,Bedford row,dairyman.
London city directories: 1845, Thomas Davis, dairy, of Lower George St,Chelsea
Post office directories: 1848, Thomas Davis, dairy, 31 Lower George St, Chelsea
also Thomas Davis, cowkeeper, 2 Princes St, Red Lion Sq.
Post office directories 1850, Thomas Davis, cowkeeper,2 Princes St,Bedford Row.
" " " 1850,Thomas Davis, dairy, 31 Lower George St,Chelsea.
Insolvent debtors court, 28 Apr 1854, Thomas Davis,formally of 2 Princes St,Bedford row,cowkeeper
also as milkman, at cockpit yard,Kings road, and bedford row.
TNA Wills, 6 Nov 1856, Thomas Davis, gentleman, ST Luke's Chelsea.
I also found on the 1841 census: living at Lower George St, ST Lukes Chelsea
Mary Davies 40 yrs Laundress
Ann Davies 15 yrs
George Davies 13 yrs
Charles Davies 20 yrs paper stainer
Eliza Davies 20 yrs
Mary Davies 1 yrs.
You may wonder why I have written all this, I am confused as to which family I should follow as being my George's family, should I keep searching on the line of dairyman, or should I Follow on the line of the paper stainer line.I also cannot find George's birth or baptism record as I do not know who his mother is, I might add that Whiteland's is on the corner of Marlboro Road and was a paper hanging factory. Could anyone please help me sort this out, I will be ever grateful for your help.
I wish to thank you in advance and do hope you can help me sort it out and find George's Birth.Bap.
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Re: George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby DianaCanada » Sat Jun 01, 2019 10:42 am

Have you been able to eliminate one of the Georges, perhaps one is still in England in 1851?
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Re: George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby avaline » Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:06 pm

Possibly a coincidence, but the witnesses were James & Elizabeth Jane Tapson, nee Farmilo

In 1851 James & Elizabeth [Jane] Tapson are at George Street, Chelsea: HO107, Piece 1472, Folio 520, Pg 41
James was also living there in 1841.

The 1848 marriage shows George was 20 and married with parents consent, so the 1841 at Lower George Street, aged 13, looks a good fit but would need more work to confirm it or rule it out.
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Re: George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby windowframe » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:39 pm

To DianaCanada thank you for your prompt reply,the George on the 1841 census father as paper stainer was not on the 1851,1861 census. but have not been able to establish the other George who is with Mary on 1841 census. Still all very confusing. Thank you again very greatful for any help.
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Re: George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby windowframe » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:46 pm

To Avaline, thank you for your reply, the Tapson's have already been established, I was in touch with someone else who had already done their Tapson tree, and they are not related or even close to being
related to my Davies/Sainsbury, I feel they were just witnesses for the marriage. Still very confused which Davies family is mine, the paint stainer or dairyman??? Thank you again for your help which is greatly appreciated. Still need some assistance to establish which is mine?
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Re: George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby windowframe » Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:45 am

Hi again, I really am struggling to sort out my problem, have done some more researching, but again
cannot seem to find George's birth/Bapt, and again trying to find any Thomas Davies/Davis married have found a mother/wife as Jane,Eliza,Mary,Sarah etc. but not able to work out which one is mine if any, found one birth/bapt for a George Davies 28Aug,1828 Chelsea,London living at 12 Wildemils Row,
father as William Davies, mother as Elizabeth Davies(Abbot) but on George's marriage cert.he states his father is Thomas Davies,dairyman. Have checked census records and again I seem to not find anything that helps me connect, can someone please give me some advise where to go with all this,and again would like to thank you in advance. Help!!!!
Maybe I am missing something or not looking in the right place.
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Re: George Davies/Davis family brick wall

Postby Valentine » Tue May 05, 2020 8:03 am

I’m searching for George Davis too can anyone help me.

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