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Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Fri Apr 19, 2019 9:07 pm

Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike (who later went by Annie Sayers) was my great-grandmother. She was married to William Pike, and they had 2 children: Louisa Annie Elizabeth Pike (my gran) and Albert Pike. William and Annie fell on hard times, were homeless for a time, split up, and Louisa entered Barnardo's and was subsequently shipped to Canada. At some point, Albert also came to Canada.
i am looking for info on Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike, who went to work as a housekeeper for a William Sayer, and had a child with him, Evelyn Lilian Elizabeth Sayers (born 31/10/1910).
When and where did Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike die? Were there more children? And any descedants?

Re: Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:45 pm

They were living in St Pancras in 1911, with Annie still recorded as Pike.

Am I right in thinking that Buxton was her Maiden name, not one of her given names? If so then there is a death in St Pancras in Q1 1912 of Annie Elizabeth Pike aged 37 that may be worth considering. She is probably the same Annie Elizabeth Pike who was buried at Camden on 8 Jan 1912 – full details on Deceased Online (credits needed).

Also a death in 1917 in St Pancras of William Sayer aged 50, buried 31 Jul 1917, Camden - details again on Deceased Online.

There is a marriage in Hammersmith in 1931 of Evelyn Hillian Elizabeth Sayers aged 20 which initially names her father as Ernest James Clark (deceased) but is then altered to William Sayers (deceased). The groom is Robert Ronald Campbell. Her death was registered in 1991 in Lambeth as Evelyn Hillia E Campbell, DoB 31 Oct 1910.

They appear to have had children together, but as they may still be living I won't name them.

Re: Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:40 pm

Seems like that's her, Buxton was a maiden/birth name...
If your info is correct, she would have died when her daughter, Evelyn Lilian Elizabeth Sayer was only 2 years old.
Can you post a link to the death info for her? (i am very new at this research!).

Re: Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:22 am

I can't post a link, but the death details are on Gro.Gov.uk as below:

PIKE, ANNIE ELIZABETH aged 37 GRO Reference: 1912 M Quarter in ST. PANCRAS Volume 01B Page 2

You need to register (free) before you can search & order certificates. A PDF of the death certificate is £7 & is usually emailed within a week.

Deceased Online is a commercial site but you can buy credits for as little as £5, and its £2 to view each burial register

Re: Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:03 am

Looking a bit further at Evelyn…

In the 1939 Register, there is a Robert R Campbell, dob 15 April 1904, residing at 48 St Stephen's Avenue, Hammersmith, London. He is a L.P.T.B. Labourer Heavy Work (possibly London Passenger Transport Board but there will be others on this forum who will no doubt know what it is!)
From FreeBMD, there is only one Robert Ronald Campbell birth, in 1904 in Nottingham district.

What seems to be his wife’s record is one of the three closed records for this address.

There is one child named Kenneth though, dob 10 June 1933. On FreeBMD, there is a birth record for Kenneth Campbell with a mother’s maiden surname of Sayers, which could indicate that one of the closed records is Evelyn. Kenneth’s death is recorded in 1993 in Croydon district.
I’ll send a request to Findmypast to see if they will open the record because it’s now more than 100 years since her birth. I haven’t been able to find her anywhere else in the Register, even using the dob given on her death record.

Re: Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:53 pm

Cachalot6972 wrote:... L.P.T.B. ... possibly London Passenger Transport Board ...

That's what I think it means - but I am a Northerner!

Re: Annie Elizabeth Buxton Pike

Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:41 am

AdrianB38 wrote:
Cachalot6972 wrote:... L.P.T.B. ... possibly London Passenger Transport Board ...

That's what I think it means - but I am a Northerner!

It does! Formed 1933, became London Transport Executive (I think) at the same time as the nationalisation of the railways, 1/1/1948

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