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Hard time finding birth of GG grandfarther

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Hard time finding birth of GG grandfarther

Postby TheViking » Tue Mar 19, 2019 1:20 pm

Evening I am in need of a little help finding the birth of my 2x great grandfather John Conway I know from his marriage in 1868 to his wife Bridget he was born in 1840 his farther was Michael Conway (if I am reading it right) and like his son was a shoemaker in Tullamore.

Then john then dies of TB in 1892 at the age of 52 years in Tullamore workhouse still married again that would put his birth at 1840,

searching the records in Tullamore there is no registered birth or baptism record of a john Conway or Patrick Conway. that leads me to think he obv he wasn't born in Tullamore but with no mention of his mothers name on the marriage certificate where do i start ?. i have 300+ john Conway's in county Offaly with Michael Conway named as father would there other records to look for the mothers name ?

thank you in advance :)
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Re: Hard time finding birth of GG grandfarther

Postby MayHam » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:00 am

On FindMyPast (FMP), the witnesses at John Conway & Bridget Maguire's wedding were Patrick Maguire & Teresa Keogh.

There was a Patrick Maguire born 1842 in Tullamore to Michael Maguire & Rose Keating.
There was also a Bridget Maguire born 1837 in Tullamore to the same.
I notice John Conway & Bridget Maguire's first daughter was named Rosanna and their second Alicia. It's not an exact science but, traditionally, the first daughter is named after the mother's mother and the second after the father's mother.

On FMP, there was a "Joannam" Conway baptised in 1839 in Banagher, Offaly to Michaelem Conway & Alicie Kelly. RootsIreland translates "Joannam" as John. They also have a marriage between Michaelem Conway & Elisham Kelly in Banagher in 1835.

There was also an Elisabetham Conway baptised 1840 in Banagher to Joannis Conway & Elisa Kelly. Witnesses were John Keogh & Maria Keogh. Don't know if they are any relation to Teresa Keogh mentioned above? Elisabetham may have had a brother, William, baptised 1842 in Lusmagh, Offaly to John Conway & Betty Kelly.

Hope this helps.
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