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George Glessing the needle in the haystack

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Re: George Glessing the needle in the haystac

Postby Watsondc » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:50 am

You may already have the following information, but thought I would share just in case. George's mother's surname was Glessing and they were married in Stoke Damerel district (then in the separate town of Devonport, now part of Plymouth). This is where there is a large Naval dockyard, so being part of the services may be a fair possibility?? Glessing doesn't appear to be a common name in that area and Plymouth has always had a fairly transient population, so presumably her family were not local.
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Re: George Glessing the needle in the haystac

Postby Lostinspace » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:23 pm

Hi, thank you elsabels and watsondc for your replies. Elsabels, yes, the siblings were Connie, Bob and John. They didn't know what happened to their father either. They knew he had a house in Plymouth and it is thought that he returned here in the late 1920's. They had pasties delivered to Norfolk when they were children!
I live near Plymouth now and the area in which they lived was heavily bombed in the war. The family church would have been Charles church which was bombed and the records lost in the fire afterwards.
Then my dad remembers American comics being sent to him in the early 1940's.
The glessing name comes from London ....Germany originally. I think he may have changed his name due to the German origin.
He was born in he was last seen when he was 43ish.....too old for the navy. He wasn't a seafarer....but may have emigrated and changed his name.
I can find no record of death, obituary, probate, wills etc. No record of his attendance Family funerals In Plymouth.
Still at a dead end. I have been here for years now!
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