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An Irish discovery

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An Irish discovery

Postby Artognou » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:05 pm

Hi everyone,

Over the past few years, myself and a third cousin have made several posts about a possible Irish link in our family and late last year I finally managed to crack it!
It ended up being discovered by having to take the long route round, because my 4th great grandfather passed away in 1840.
I found on his death certificate that he had a son who I never knew about called Dennis Ward, father was Thomas (1784 - 1840), according to family stories, he had come over from Cork, Ireland sometime after 1800 and it looks as though he spent his life in England around Soho as a sawyer.
After I found Dennis on the census records, I found him living with his mother, Mary (1786, Ireland) and she passed sometime between 1851 and 1861 and Dennis died in the workhouse and it stated that he was Roman Catholic, so I then found his baptism record along with a couple of other siblings in the RC records and I also found that Mary's maiden name was Mahony.
There are, however, the standard obstacles, and they are that there was a Thomas Ward jr born in St Anne, Soho in 1813, but my 3rd great grandfather always stated on the census records that it was 1816 and he also had a brother called John, also born at the same place in 1817, they were both sawyers and I can't find a baptism for John and even for Thomas jr, if this was a sibling who predeceased him, but I'm not sure how complete the RC records are as of yet, and I can't seem to find a marriage between Thomas and Mary.
I'm unsure whether they could have married in England, or in Ireland and I'm also unsure on how to find their baptisms, so as you can imagine, solving a very old and very much spoken about and discussed has been amazing, but now I'm absolutely aching to take the tree back further into Ireland!

Any help would be absolutely amazing, thanks in advance,


P.S, I forgot to mention that Dennis was born in St Giles in the Fields in 1809.
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Re: An Irish discovery

Postby MayHam » Sun Mar 03, 2019 7:30 pm

Not sure if it's the same couple but Ancestry has an 1805 Dublin marriage between Thomas Ward & Mary "Mooney." They had a son, Patrick baptised there in 1807 and, possibly, Margarita in 1814.

Ancestry has Catholic baptisms for a Thomas Ward in 1784 in Westmeath, Ireland to "Patt" & Maria. Also, a Mary Mahony was baptised in 1785 in Cork to Dennis Mahony & Ellen Callaghan.

Couldn't find a death record for Mary Ward in Strand between 1851-1861. Did find a marriage, though, between a Mary Mahony and either Jeffrey Kating or William Wangler in Strand in 1858. Can't find them in 1861, though.
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Re: An Irish discovery

Postby Artognou » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:49 pm

Hi MayHam,

Many thanks for looking, I did see this couple before but I know that Mooney is a well known Irish name, so I didn't give them much attention, however, due to Margaret being born in 1814 I don't think that they're the people I've been looking for.

I have definitely marked Mary Mahony who was born to Dennis Mahony and Ellen Callaghan as a strong possibility, Thomas is still very much a mystery though and I have seen a birth I'm strongly considering, but it's seemingly gone from one massive brick wall to another!
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