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Records for Future Genealogists

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Records for Future Genealogists

Postby NadT » Fri Aug 01, 2008 10:16 pm

I've posted this thread having been prompted by responding to another one elsewhere on these boards about little being known about relatives pasts. I'll bet most people, like me are desperately trying to piece together their ancestry and find out about their ancestors lives. The thing I find most frustrating and sad in some ways is that I know the names, addresses, occupations etc. of ancestors from census entries, parish records etc. but I know very little about the people themselves. The likes, loves, things that made them laugh. It seems my ancestors wrote nothing down and there are no photographs knocking about either. So, whilst we are all trying to piece together our ancestors pasts are we recording our own memories to pass on to our future generations? Memories of our grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. favourite sweets, where we went to school so that our grandchildren and great grandchildren won't be scrabbling around wondering what we were like.
There's a good website [link=][/link] which has a whole section on doing just that, recording your life and memories, so they're stored for future generations. You can also add photos, video and audio. Can you imagine that? If we had the ability to hear/see our great grandparents talking about their lives. What a thing to pass on. I've started to use it. It's very addictive, once you answer a question, it tends to trigger other memories.
Anyway, thought it might be a useful resource and wonder what other think.
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