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Harold and Peter Garrett

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Harold and Peter Garrett

Postby rachieb » Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:32 pm

Hi, I'm new to this forum, but have been trying to research my family history for 3 years and am totally stuck so am hoping you can help me.

Please bear with me as this may be a bit long winded.

My parents were both adopted (I am biologically theirs, but they were adopted, if that makes sense). They always wondered about their biological families but felt they would be betraying the parents that raised them so they never searched themselves. I started searching myself with their blessing after getting the genealogy bug looking in to our family by adoption.

Using the details from both of their pre-adoption birth certificates, I found my dad's family relatively easily and we united with his 2 biological half-sisters 2 years ago. But despite having found some information, I am seriously stuck where my mum's family are concerned.

So the details that I do have. My mum was born Margaret Isobel Garrett to parents Harold Garrett (born approx 1919/1920, as was 22 at marriage in 1942) and Thomasina Garrett nee Pattie (born 6th August 1915). Harold and Thomasina married 18th April 1942 in Spen Valley, Yorkshire, and had a son called Peter on 29th December 1943 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. The next record I find is electoral roll 1948 and 1949 at 100 Bemerton Street, London. My mum was born 27th October 1950 in London, but Harold and Thomasina were living apart by then at 54 Gifford Street (Harold) and 1 Crescent Street (Thomasina). I fully realise that this means that Harold may not be my mum's biological dad. Thomasina can be tracked on the electoral roll in 1951 at Hopetown Hotel which was a Salvation Army hostel, and then disappears until 1961 when she appears living with her second husband under the name Daisy E Jeskins. She remains living with him, changing her surname to his, Ellett, in 1964, before they get married in 1965 where she uses the name Thomasina Daisy Elizabeth Ellett. I then find nothing until her death in 1987 in Wayland, Norfolk. After my mum is born in 1950, Harold vanishes completely, and there is no trace of Peter either, nor can I find anything on Harold before his marriage to Thomasina.

I am looking to find out what happened to Harold, and track down Peter whether he is living or deceased. I don't think Peter was adopted because my mum's birth certificate has a bit at the right side where it says that she was adopted, but Peter's certificate doesn't have this (I ordered a copy from GRO).

Extra details if needed - Harold's father is listed as George Albert Garrett deceased Dockyard Worker on Harold and Thomasina's marriage certificate. Harold's occupation is listed as Seaman Merchant Service but RASC driver as it was during the war when they got married, Dockyard Worker but RASC driver on Peter's birth cert, and Motor Lorry Driver on my mum's birth cert.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
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Re: Harold and Peter Garrett

Postby phsvm » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:54 am

Welcome to the forum.

Just a general 'housekeeping' note.

There is always willingness to help individuals with their searches but there is also always caution and counselling to anyone looking to find family members who may be still alive. The feeling is that it is probably in everyone's interest not to give names of those who may be alive.

Whilst no one would condone your desire to find relatives and connect with them one should always proceed with caution.

Please don't take this as criticism but for future reference you may want to make your posts slightly more generalised without giving names
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Re: Harold and Peter Garrett

Postby rachieb » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:06 am

Thanks for the welcome.

And thank you for your advice.

One thing I'm not sure that I understand, How would I make it more generalised and not mention names if I'm specifically trying to track down what happened to certain people?

Also if you have any advice on how I can try and find more information and what happened to them, I would really appreciate it. I seem to have exhausted ancestry and fmp as I'm not getting any new results, and short of going to the national archives (and I'm not sure I would know where to start once I got there) I have no idea of a next step.

Just want to be clear as well, I do not want to contact any living relatives if there are any. I simply want to know what happened to them.

Thanks again


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