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Postby 0akash » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:13 am

Please help me learn about my mother. I have recently had my DNA result from Ancestry but not sure how this will help without input from others.

My mother (Betty Elizabeth Hibbs) was born 9th April 1923 (d.20th Jun 2005) but I have not been able to find her birth registered. All I have is her Baptism card from the Presbyterian Church Kilburn dated 2nd Sept 1923. (No other church records remain.)

My grandparents were living in Willesden (Middx) when my mother was born.
Grandfather -
Harry Hibbs b. 20th Feb 1892 in Bournemouth
Grandmother -
Elizabeth Jane Cassam . 28th Mar 1891 in Otford, Shoreham, Kent

On searching online for my mothers birth I have found a birth registered for a Betty Hibbs dated 4th April 1923 in Dudley. I now have the birth certificate which states father as Henry Hibbs, a general dealer. (Same surname as my grandfather, but I cannot see a connection, a coincidence perhaps?) and the mother as Mary Ann Hibbs (formally Hind) of Dudley Wood, Netherton.

I cannot find a marriage for Henry and Mary, although she is Hibbs on the birth certificate, but as there are numerous Marry Ann Hind registered I am unable to ascertain which one is correct.
My mother married my father Albert Harold Ernest Parker on 5th Feb 1946 in Prittlewell, Essex and the brides father is stated as Harry Hibbs on the marriage certificate.

Has anyone any knowledge of the Hibbs and/or Hind families that may give me the information to answer my queries?
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Re: HIBBS and/or HIND

Postby Mick Loney » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:50 am

You don’t say when your grandparents married (if they ever did!). If your mother was born before they married, try looking for her birth under her mother’s maiden name.

Also, remember, if your grandmother was a widow when she married Henry, the marriage will be indexed under her married name rather than Cassam!

In my experience, a simple solution usually exists. For now, I suggest you forget the Dudley connection until you’ve exhausted all other likely scenarios. :D
Mick Loney
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Re: HIBBS and/or HIND

Postby ianbee » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:30 pm

Dec 1921 Willesden 3a 612
Cassam, Elizabeth J. - spouse Hibbs
Hibbs, Harry - spouse Cassam

Mr. Hibbs was a policeman. ... /C13366328
Register of leavers from the Metropolitan Police
MEPO 4/350/285
Harry Hibbs, warrant number 108582. Joined on 12 Jan 1920, and left on 3 May 1945. Last posted to X Division as a PC.

1939, living at 107a Braemar Road, Willesden.
Betty E Hibbs, born 9 April 23
Surname changed to Parker, purple ink, dated 10.3.46, DAA (Southend on Sea)
First names switched to Elizabeth B, green ink, dated 31.12.70 (Jane E Hibbs names switched to Elizabeth J at same time)

Mrs Hibbs may have left a will.
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Re: HIBBS and/or HIND

Postby avaline » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:35 pm

As there don't appear to be any other Hibbs/Cassam births I wonder if your mother was, in fact, adopted and so born under a different name? Formal adoption was only introduced from 1926, so it's unlikely that there would be a record.
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