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Jerkins and Coffey

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Jerkins and Coffey

Postby Judy Jerkins » Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:56 am

I have survived several name changes, aliases and now know who I am and my ancestors back to about 1761 when William Jerkins was born.

But, I cannot find his birthplace, or even confirm the correct spelling of his name.

I know he joined the army and was discharged in 1802 after following the grand old Duke of York in Europe.

I know he married Bridget Coffey, known also as Bidie, in 1803 and that they had 3 children, Joanna, John and William.

Joanna married David Mosely Williams and died after producing one, or perhaps 2 sons. DMW remarried to Sarah Frost.

John Jerkins vanished.

I suspect baby William was given to others to raise.

William Jerkins the soldier died in 1812 and I am fairly sure his wife died in 1817, leaving my William Jerkins b 1810 and his slightly older siblings behind.

I cannot find them in workhouse records and suspect that Joanna at least, may have been raised by James Coffey, who later signed her marriage documents.

James Coffey had a wife Bridget and a son Thomas. Bridget supposedly tripped over some milk crates, fell down stairs and died 1838 but I cannot find her death or her burial info.

James was charged with her murder but later acquitted but I cannot find his death either.

I suspect the Jerkins family were Primitive Methodists. They lived in and around Piccadilly Circus / Westminster and used St James Church, which was bombed out during the blitz with all records lost.

I'm stuck. If I could find a Coffey researcher it would be wonderful and might help a lot. Any takers?

thanks for reading to here. cheers Judy
Judy Jerkins
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Re: Jerkins and Coffey

Postby ciderdrinker » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:51 pm

Happy to give it a go Judy
So here are some snippets
There is a William Jerkins on the Westminster rate books for 1795 at Clare market between to Gilberts Passage and Vere Street.

William Jerkins buried at St Marylebone Sunday 19th July 1812 married age 40 BCCh (don't know what that means ) 11 shillings .So born 1772 .

William Blackall Jeskins 27 Mar 1768 at Marylebone to Thomas and Mary Jeskins
or Holborn Lying in Hospital
William Jakins born 11 Aug 1774 bapt 29th s of John and Mary Jakins Gents Servant St George Hanover Square.Mary 25 years old .
I'd go for the latter as William Jerkins/Jakins the soldier.In which case :-

Sister Elizabeth born 8 May 1773 bapt 7 June 1773 at St George Hanover Square.
The couple married 3 Aug 1772 at St George Hanover Square-John Jakins and Mary Pettis
wit John MLaughton and Joseph Paterson?

Mary Pettis bapt at the Scotch Church Westminster 17 Sep 1750 born 1st d of John and Mary Pettis
Down St ,St George Hannover Square.

William Jerkins (maybe the son ) convicted of larceny for 7 years at the Old Bailey Oct 1829

I'll see what else I can find

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Re: Jerkins and Coffey

Postby ciderdrinker » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:26 pm

Bridget Coffey actually died Dec 6thth 1837 and was buried at St Giles in the Fields on the 15th aged 58 years of Nottingham Const?

Sorry James isn't springing up at the moment.
Any ideas of a birth year?
Coffey and especially Bridget Coffey sounds like they might be Irish catholics originally.

William Jerkins discharge papers in 1802 at the national archives say he was 31 years born Tobridge ,London Middlesex 16 Dragons light ~~Regiment.
(I haven't looked at the original so it might be clearer on that.)

And is this the same John Jakins in 1767/8 getting Ann Satchwell pregnant?
St Clement Danes Parish : Minutes of Parish Vestries CD | MV, 5th April 1768

Vestry Nem: Con: and Or accordingly that the most efficacious methods be pursued to bring the matter to issue which is no depending between his Excellency Count Bruhl this Parish in relation to one John Jakins Serve to his Excellency being apprehended for unlaw f begetting a Male Bastard Child on the Body of Sacheverell Single
They had a son John. 14 Oct 1767
The full thing is on London Lives.

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Re: Jerkins and Coffey

Postby avaline » Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:58 pm

John Jerkins aged 13 was admitted to the workhouse - Westminster, St James, Piccadilly - 7 Feb 1823 aged 13 for the reason 'Distress'. Under the column Settlement it says 70.258 F.R.T (not sure about the T) Discharged 1 Apr 1823

Same place Admitted 13 Nov 1824 William Jerkin aged 13 for the reason 'Distress'. Settlement reference 75.258 + same three letters. Discharge column says 'on trial as an apprentice 18 December 1824'
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Re: Jerkins and Coffey

Postby avaline » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:42 pm

William Jerkins convicted 1829 for stealing 11 napkins. Sentenced to 7 years transportation to VDL. Sailed aboard the Clyde & occupation listed as Plasterer. Died 16 Apr 1887 ... iam/117288

Oops, just realised the OP is the one who added the above information....
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Re: Jerkins and Coffey

Postby avaline » Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:45 am

I think you may have seen these records already, but John possibly becomes a painter and is on the 1851 & 1861 census married to Ann & transcribed as Jenkins. A daughter Emily Ann Jerkins is born 5 Mar 1838, and she in turn has an illegitimate son Frederick Jerkins in Camden workhouse in 1862. In 1871 Emily & Frederick are in St Giles, Finsbury in the home of George Appleby 41. I think she probably died in 1874 as Emily Ann Appleby, aged 35.

John Jerken (sic) Painter aged 52 was admitted to Camden workhouse 14 Oct 1863 & possibly died in 1866 as John Jenkins aged 53

Probably a coincidence, but the address for Emily Ann's baptism was 10 Rebecca Court and in 1841 a Mary Coffey and her two children were living at that address.
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