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Lost relative after joining Houseboys Brigade

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Re: Lost relative after joining Houseboys Brigade

Postby elsabels » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:33 pm

I do not think you are doing anything wrong, on what you have written we seem to be on the correct PAICE family it is the spelling of the surname that may be a problem in transcription.....

I am not certain about the George F RAF info.......

Usually you will need a birth certificate or two to confirm the information you are following, ( I presume you have the marriage certificates from Scotland's People )..however if from family knowledge you feel the info is correct, go with it........

I think you will find as you progress and you learn how to search on the subscription sites, you will start to find info more readily, your head will spin with info, your brain with overload, guess what you maybe hooked into this family history thing....
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