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Elizabeth Wrenn death after 1871 , Brick wall

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Re: Elizabeth Wrenn death after 1871 , Brick wall

Postby ianbee » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:53 pm

Thanks for that.
The burial record says Elizabeth Wrenn alias Maryon.
So we can be confident that two names are involved for the same person. We know that Richard and Elizabeth were married and so it appears that he was Wrenn alias Maryon. Though it's his wife who gets lumbered with it on her death records.

I am still thinking that Richard's age may have become a bit exaggerated at the end. And that he may be the Richard, base born son of Ann Marion, baptized in 1797 at Blackmore.
He wasn't the only one! Others baptized to Ann there -
William Marion, 12 July 1789
John Marion, 3 April 1791
Thomas Marion, 30 November 1793
Catherine Marion, 17 November 1799

Possibly with there being at least five illegitimate births, one man fathered most or all of them.
What became of Ann? I don't know.
There are some interesting burials in Blackmore
26 June 1811, William Wren, age 21
9 April 1848, Thomas Wren, age 55

A Joseph Wren was buried in Blackmore, 30 December 1827, age 71
Buried at Blackmore, 2 March 1788, Catharine, wife of Joseph Ren.
After the death of his wife, could Joseph have then fathered the children of Ann Marion, but didn't marry her? Remains theoretical at the moment!
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