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William Avent b c1771

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William Avent b c1771

Postby Beverley Stephens » Mon Dec 31, 2018 5:12 pm

I know quite a bit about William Avent, my 4 x great grandfather, but I need guidance on proving his birth/baptism. This is what I know: -

He married Ann Bell at St Margaret’s, Westminster on 17 Apr 1797, it looks like she was the daughter of a tailor.

Nine months after the wedding, Ann gave birth to Mary at the British Lying-In Hospital, Holborn on 18 Jan 1798, she was 17 years old. James was born in the same hospital on 17 May 1799. William came along some time later and was baptized at St Mary, Lambeth on 17 May 1801. This is where I lose track of Ann Bell, but that’s a query for another day!

The next record I have for William Avent (the husband) is his marriage to Ann Nearne, a widow, at St Dionis Backchurch on 10 Aug 1807, he is a widower. William and Ann (Nearne) have a daughter Mary Ann born on 24 Aug 1809.

Bizarrely, William and Ann (Nearne) marry for a second time at St Luke, Finsbury on 27 Mar 1826. I know this to be true as he mentions in his will that he married Ann Nearne twice.

Ann Nearne died in Jan 1832. William who was a tailor, lived with his daughter Mary Ann at 3 St George’s Court, St George in the East, Middlesex, until his death on 17 Dec 1846. His burial was at St George in the East Church.

His death certificate says he was 75 which would make his birth year 1771. The 1841 Census says he was 70, again making his birth year 1771, but with the rounding down it could be anytime between 1767 and 1771. He was not born in the county.

I need help finding the correct birth/baptism. I searched Ancestry for a 1771 birth +/- 10 years, this has thrown up some possible baptisms, all in Devon where the name Avent is reasonably common: -
1) St Mary Steps, Exeter on 11 May 1771.
2) St Mary Major Church, Exeter on 22 Jun 1766.
3) Holy Trinity Church, Exeter on 10 Jul 1761. This has been discounted as FMP has a record showing this William dying on 22 Dec 1764.

FMP has an additional baptism: -
4) St Andrew’s Church, Plymouth on 17 Apr 1775. There is a possible burial in Plymstock on 23 Jun 1824 of William Avent age 48, therefore b c1776, which could discount this William.

Either or neither of the first two baptisms could be my guy. As his death certificate indicates that he was born in 1771, I favour the first baptism but the 1841 census could point to both 1) and 2). Can anyone see anything that I am missing that may eliminate one or all of the baptisms I have found. Any help/guidance to prove the correct birth would be VERY much appreciated.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

Beverley Stephens
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Re: William Avent b c1771

Postby MayHam » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:52 am

Noticed at his first marriage, it says he was "of this parish" (i.e. St. Margaret's, Westminster, Middlesex). Not sure if that means he *might* have been born or raised there?

Couldn't find a baptism there but did notice a Sarah Event (sic), daughter of Joseph & "Eliz," was baptised in 1762 in Hackney, Middlesex at St John at Hackney Church. Unfortunately, *I think*, their baptismal records end in 1769, at least on Ancestry. On Findmypast, there is a Thomas Roberts Event, son of Thomas & Ann, born & baptised in 1753 in London.

Also on Findmypast, a William Event (sic), son of Richard & Susanna, was baptised in 1771 in Norfolk.
A second William Event, son of Jonathan & Sarah, was baptised in 1782 in Hertfordshire.

Noticed a couple of newspaper articles about William's death on Findmypast. Not sure how the courts work in London if there might be more information?
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Re: William Avent b c1771

Postby Beverley Stephens » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:43 am

Brilliant - I haven't seen those newspaper articles before, what interesting reading. William's will left everything to his daughter Mary Ann except 1 Guinea each for his sons James and William. Years later, Mary Ann admitted herself to the workhouse as she was destitute, perhaps she drank all his wealth away!

I'll take a look at the baptisms you mention, although I haven't seen the name spelt "Event" - yet. As William was not born in the County of Middlesex (per 1841 census), so I think I can discount the 1762 and 1753 ones. The 1771 Norfolk baptism, in particular, throws another curve ball my way.

Thank you for your help MayHam, it's very much appreciated.
Beverley Stephens
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