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Postby SDV » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:05 pm

John GOLLOP married Elizabeth Jane EVELEIGH on 23 May 1858 at Lambeth. He was a bachelor and a coach trimmer. He named his father as John GOLLOP, a plasterer. in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses, he gives his birthplace as Honiton, Devon. His age in these three censuses is consistent and suggests a birth in 1837.

Gollop seems to be a fairly popular`name in Devon. There is a baptism of a John Gollop in Honiton on 13 Jan 1837 to a John and Ann Gollop, his father being described as a mason. This family seems to appear in 1841 at Queen Street, Honiton and in 1851 at High Street, Honiton. But is this the right family? I always thought that a "mason" was rather different to a plasterer, to be blunt rather more prestigious. Do I have the right family.

Following his marriage, John and Elizabeth appear to settle in Clapham, living at Wandsworth Road in 1871 and Turrett Grove in 1881. Elizabeth died in March 1885 in Wandsworth, being described as a widow. So presumably John died between 1881 and 1885. The only suitable death I can find is for a John Gollop in Chelsea in 1884. But why Chelsea?

Finally, Elizabeth was buried in South Metropolitan Cemetery, but I can't seem to find John's burial.

As always, any help gratefully received.
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Postby sdup26 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:27 pm

As you say, there's a baptism record for a John Gollop in Honiton, father John, a mason, and mother Ann. The 1851 census for Honiton shows John Gollop, a mason, wife Ann, and sons John, aged 15, described as a coach trimmer, and James aged 6. This does seem to be your family, so it's strange that John should say on his marriage certificate that his father was a plasterer, as John snr was a working mason in 1851 when his son lived at home, and still a mason in the 1861 census, three years after John married Elizabeth Jane.

John's wife died in Wandsworth, and there's a John Gollop death in Chelsea in 1884 that you wonder about. The two places are fairly close, so was John working in Chelsea when he died?
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Postby MoVidger » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:29 pm

My ancestor's 1871 death had a mysterious Chelsea registration, despite him living and working in Marylebone for 30 years. Turns out his death was registered in Chelsea due to the fact he died at The Free Cancer Hospital (located on Fulham Road).

He passed four days after the 1871 census was taken. I managed to find him as a patient in the Hospital's census report: his age and birthplace matching perfectly.
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Postby elsabels » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:41 pm

Registration is usually in the area in which the event occurred
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Postby Kekoe » Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:37 pm

The Burial Register for West Norwood Cemetery (formerly South Metropolitan Cemetery) on Ancestry is missing the years 1881 to 1884.
However familysearch shows a burial for John Gollop aged 47 on 23 August 1884 in this cemetery.
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