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James McGuire - 1833 - Ireland and Rachel Morgan

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Re: James McGuire - 1833 - Ireland and Rachel Morgan

Postby Gallagher.knowd » Sun Feb 17, 2019 5:41 pm

I hit a similar brick wall some years ago with my Irish ancestors who from English Census records I knew had emigrated to Doncaster between 1845 and 1851. I thought that I was lucky that they were enumerated not only as being from Ireland but also Foxford, Co. Mayo. However, despite trawling through the available records at the archive centres in Dublin I got no further. I then read an article advising to look at their destination rather than their origin on the basis that most emigrants had a reason to move in your case to Temple and so I made a list of surnames not only of close family but also close Irish friends and neighbours. I.e. who did they follow from Ireland to Scotland, was it parents, siblings, cousins or just friends from their village/town of origin? I then concentrated on English census and bmd records and made a list of about 12 surnames who were their Irish neighbours in Doncaster, witnesses at weddings and baptisms, people they had lived with etc. I then used Irish Roots to find likely shared locations for these surnames and essentially narrowed it down to just two places in the district of Foxford. I then visited Foxford and made some local enquiries and paid for one hour research time with an Irish genealogist at a Co. Mayo Heritage centre who confirmed my line of approach and recommended we travel to the two prime locations. I did this and plucked up courage to ask questions of a man in his garden and he immediately directed me to a house where someone of my family name of Boyle/O'Boyle still lived. One knock on a door and I was talking to who subsequently turned out to be a distant cousin. I suggest you try a similar approach using not only your known family names of McGuire, Morgan and Jones but also those of witnesses, sponsors and close neighbours etc and hopefully this will help you choose the most likely records for your ancestors in Ireland.

Good luck
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