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Which Elizabeth Driffield?

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Re: Which Elizabeth Driffield?

Postby ianbee » Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:27 pm

I'm sure that the worthy York Herald was never short of newsworthy items!
I'm afraid I don't know anything about the Oddfellows, but apparently the Manchester Unity was some sort of breakaway, founded in Manchester circa 1810.
They had lodges all over the place.
Tanner Row was/is in York, and an 1840 directory has the Odd Fellows' Arms there ... &q&f=false

There's mention of Brother Garrod and the Odd Fellows Arms in the Herald, 28 April 1838, re the founding of a new lodge, the Loyal Triumph Lodge, No. 1411
The Triumphant Lodge, 1435, gets a mention in June, not sure in what context, but that is the Duncanson lodge. Is it the same lodge?
So it seems likely that your Charles Duncannon was a member of the Odd Fellows (Manchester Unity) in York.

York Herald, 16 August 1856
On Tuesday last, the anniversary of the City Pride lodge of Ancient Shepherds, Ashton unity, took place at the house of Mr. J. Suggitt, the sign of the Coach and Horses, Jubbergate, in this city. The lodge numbers about 100 members, and we understand it is in a very flourishing condition. Eighty of the members attended the dinner, which was a very good one, and the chair was occupied by W. D. Mann, Esq., the surgeon of the lodge.
Duncannon's sounds a bit like the Pickwick Club!

Yes, Elizabeth Driffield from Raskelf is eliminated I think/hope. Don't know when she died.
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Re: Which Elizabeth Driffield?

Postby Sucher » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:43 pm

Ian, thanks for adding to the sum of my knowledge about my ancestor Charles Duncannon. How good would it be to have a time machine as long as one could get back to the present? My quest for Elizabeth Driffield will continue.

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Re: Which Elizabeth Driffield?

Postby JMcK » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:52 am

Hi, Jo here.

The notes about the house fire vanished because something went wrong with my login, I had to reinvent myself, and then that one went belly up too so had to enlist the help of the IT guys at WDYTYA. It was tidier to then delete one of my personas which meant that all posts went with it.

So...sorry about that. Glad you had saved it Sucher!
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