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Resigning/Bought Out of a Commission

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Re: Resigning/Bought Out of a Commission

Postby MaureenE » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:43 am

I have never heard of an officer of this period having to buy himself out of a commission. (At some earlier periods the commission could be sold). As far as I am aware, an officer resigned, or was terminated.

In any event this should be recorded in The London Gazette, along with the appointment (as mentioned above).

However, as an officer in the 1930s, pre WW2, he probably would have come from a reasonably affluent background and attended Sandhurst or similar, searchable at

If he was a soldier, I am aware that at least pre WW1, a soldier signed for a certain number of years service, and if he wanted to leave the Army prior to that, he was required to pay a certain amount to the Army, depending on the number of years service remaining. This was a definite "buy out."

However, I don't know if this practice continued into the 1930s. I think post WW1 men signed for a shorter period of service, so if there still was a buy out provision, probably it was a less significant amount.

Perhaps there may be something in The King's Regulations for the Army and the Army Reserve 1935 which is linked from the FIBIS Fibiwiki page Military periodicals online/Army Regulations, Equipment, Manuals etc/General ... ne#General
(There are some earlier editions which may be easier to browse)

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Re: Resigning/Bought Out of a Commission

Postby meekhcs » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:31 am

Once again thank you all.

I have searched The Gazette and The Sandhurst Archive to no avail.

I am beginning to think this is another Family story full of half truths!!

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