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William Barker - born in Nottingham?

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Re: William Barker - born in Nottingham?

Postby ianbee » Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:37 am

avaline wrote:Clutching at straws somewhat, but the name Jepps seems quite unusual so I wonder if there is a connection to the 1826 marriage in Southwark between William Henry Jepps & Mary Barker, where one of the witnesses was named William Barker.

The 1851 census has Mary as born c1809 in Bletchforth (Bletchworth?) Surrey, but if she married in 1826 she may actually be a little older.

Baptism at Betchworth, 14 March 1802. Mary, daughter of Wm and Elizabeth Barker

A few more before and after, including
15 Dec 1799
William, son of Wm and Elizabeth Barker

Did that couple later have a son baptized at nearby Reigate?
20 July 1813
son of William + Elizabeth Barker
abode Reigate
father a School Master

Burial at Reigate, 1 Feb 1838
William Barker
abode Reigate
age 65

PCC Will, 28 March 1838
William Barker of Reigate in the County of Surrey Schoolmaster
Short and sweet. Written in 1828, when his wife Elizabeth was still alive.

1841 census, have to go on a free index with occupations, but it's not the most reliable one!
The only one on that b 1806 +/- 5 years that I can see in the right line of work is in Sawston, Cambridgeshire (piece 76 book 5 folio 4 page 3)
In the High Street, possibly staying at a pub run by Wellings
William Barker 40 Fellmonger, No (not born county)

The attached marriage is from a copy certificate obtained from the GRO. So no help re signatures. The William who witnessed Mary's marriage might of course have been her father.
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Re: William Barker - born in Nottingham?

Postby ClareBear » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:55 pm

Thanks again for all the extra help and suggestions - I am now working through these to see if any will help me to work out where William Barker came from and to learn more about him and his family.
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