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Postby ianbee » Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:48 pm

Ploughing on, a possible sighting of Alfred + Caroline in Lambeth in 1841
Piece 1961 Book 5 Folio 16 Page 26
Tebbs Place
John Miller 56 Machinist
Jane Miller 50
Joseph Miller 29 Machinist
John Miller 21
Caroline Miller 17
Alfred Miller 14
All Not Born County
Mary Miller 29, Joseph 6, John 4, Mary 3, Jane 1
Who I think will be wife and children of Joseph (another double baptism in 1837 in Lambeth of Joseph + John!)
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Postby ianbee » Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:53 pm

Previous folio in 1841 was Granby Street (the address on those 1837 baptisms)
Marriage at St Peter Walworth, 19 Dec 1841
Maynard Apps, a Tallow Chandler
Caroline Wooldridge Miller, full age, Spinster, Granby Street Lambeth, father John Miller, Engineer.

Joseph can be found in Lambeth in 1851, Josh Miller, 39, Engineer, born Devon.
In 1871 that Miller family are in Islington, and Joseph is 49, born Surrey Battersea!
1881, back in Lambeth, Joseph is 69, born Devon Plymouth
Joseph + Mary had a daughter, Alice Squire MIller, born 1847.

And there is a likely baptism for Joseph at Plymouth St Andrew in 1812. Yet another double baptism!
21 January 1812
Alice Squire, born 16 Aug 1809, daughter of John + Jane Miller
Joseph, son of Joseph + Jane Miller

An Alice Squires Miller married George Judd at St Botolph Bishopsgate in 1829. Is that the same lady?

Also baptized at Plymouth St Andrew
13 August 1820
son of John + Jane Miller
abode Plymouth
father a Smith

In between there is, in July 1814, Jane Stevens, daughter of John + Jane Miller (father a Smith)
May be others

John Miller married Jane Stevens, 13 October 1806, Plymouth St Andrew.

So this is a family with links to Plymouth, Lambeth, and City of London.
sdup26 wrote: he was born in Plymouth in 1851 and also in 1861. But he's born in Lambeth in 1871, and while Susan is consistent with a birth place of Suffolk up to 1871, in the 1881 L'Pool census, both she and John are suddenly born in the City of London, Middlesex.

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