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George Gray (born 1852, Sunderland)

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George Gray (born 1852, Sunderland)

Postby rosie6151 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:33 am

Good Morning Everyone

I hope someone can help me.

My Great Grandfather George Gray was born in Sunderland in 1852. When he married my Gt Grandmother Julia Bennett he was a widow with a son Frederick William Gray born Sunderland 1875.
Julia & George married in St Pauls Southwark in 1888. Then went on to live at 33 2nd Avenue Queens Park, Paddington for the rest of their married life.

My Father told me no one spoke of his Grandfather George Gray and there are strangely no photos - there are many of his wife and children but none of him He was a Plumber-Journeyman. He died young at the age of 45 in 1897 Paddington

I have not been able to trace back his forbears and his marriage certificate unfortunately has a big line though where the Fathers name would be. Which makes it much more difficult.

A strange thing happened yesterday. I found a marriage certificate for his sons marriage, the son Walter George Blethyn Gray had on his marriage certificate his deceased Fathers name of John George Gray, now on no other documents has he been named as John George Gray. His wife Walters Mother Julia Gray had signed the marriage certificate so I wouldn't have expected an incorrect name for George to be on there.

Since I have added the marriage certificate for Walter Gray I am getting hints for John George Gray on George Grays timeline, who married Jane Hunter in Bishopwearmouth in Sunderland. Plus of course parents for John George Gray.

Also there is a baptism certificate for Frederick William Gray, parents Jane Gray & John George Gray. John George Gray was apparently born 1848 = 4 years before my George Gray. I am at a loss to explain this especially as George Grays marriage certificate definitely has a line through Fathers name. Could this be a mistake ? As I don't have his first wife's name this could be a mistake or could be fact. John George Gray & Jane Hunter married October 1871

Strangely enough we have a lot of photos of my Father visiting relatives in Sunderland in the late 1920's early 1930's which would have been a long journey from Harrow in Middx, my Father remembers going there with his mother and Grandmother indicating there was no family feud or issues as there are a lot of photos of cousins etc (with no names on of course !)

So any help or advice would be very much appreciated, I have been trying to locate the relatives of my Gt Grandfather for so many years now and this may be an opportunity to now do so

Thanks in advance
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Re: George Gray (born 1852, Sunderland)

Postby elsabels » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:12 pm

Looking at Frederick William GRAY there is a baptism
Frederick William Gray
Born 6 May 1875
Baptised 30 May 1875
Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England
FatherJohn George Gray mother Jane Gray

A John George GRAY married Jane HUNTER
22 Oct 1871
Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England

Frederick William GRAY married Marriage Date: 12 Apr 1903
at St Mary, Lambeth, Lambeth, declaring his father as George

I suspect John George GRAY is the person you are looking for and for whatever reason he was known by his middle forename!

If this assumption is correct you will add 2 more generations to your tree by looking at the 1861 census
RG 9; Piece: 3771; Folio: 64; Page: 40;

John G's parents were William Gray and Mary Ann Tinmouth
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Re: George Gray (born 1852, Sunderland)

Postby rosie6151 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:34 pm

Hello Elsabels

Yes we are coming to think this is probably the case. although John George had 4 years difference in his birthdate. on my George's he was born 1848 but this doesn#t rule him out of course.

When he remarried he was a good few years older than my Great Grandmother so could have been hiding it of course.

Thanks for your help
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