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Belfast ancestors - death and burial records

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Belfast ancestors - death and burial records

Postby adamlevine01 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:52 am

If your ancestors lived in Belfast, you may be able to find their death

The Belfast City Council site lets you search for burial records in Belfast from 1869 onwards. Around 360,000 records are available from:
Belfast City Cemetery - records from 1869 (including the Jewish, public and Glenalina extension sections)
Roselawn Cemetery - records from 1954
Dundonald Cemetery - records from 1905.
The search facility may provide full name, age, last place of residence, sex, date of death, date of burial, cemetery, grave section and number, and type of burial.
You can also now view the names of others who are buried in a particular grave, which may give you information about other family members. Just on the gave number that appears in your search results.
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