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Joseph Tomlinson 1846 -1919 Hunslet, Leeds - Criminal Record

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Joseph Tomlinson 1846 -1919 Hunslet, Leeds - Criminal Record

Postby JasonB » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:20 am

I am trying to locate his criminal records on Ancestry to no avail. He was a licensee of the Prince of Wales pub until 1894 then the licensee of The Spotted Dog Inn until 1919.
On the 3rd April 1891 he was had up in front of the Magistrates for permitting drunkenness on the premises and fined 10 shillings plus costs (the costs generally an additional shilling). This was when he was at the Prince of Wales.
On the 15th March 1916, Joseph was charged with selling beer to a child under 14 years of age. The charges were withdrawn.
Convicted on 19th April 1916 that, on 31st March, did allow a child under 14 years of age to be in the bar of the licensed premises. He was fined 10 shillings or alternatively six days imprisonment if he failed to pay.
Any help would be most appreciated.
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Re: Joseph Tomlinson 1846 -1919 Hunslet, Leeds - Criminal Re

Postby sdup26 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:00 pm

Joseph seems to have been dealt with by magistrates, and Magistrates records are probably in Leeds Archives - they're usually in local record offices. Newspapers may help too; in the Yorkshire Evening Post, February 1891, Joseph was the victim; "Joseph Tomlinson, landlord, was assaulted by a customer at the Prince of Wales Hotel," with the newspaper reporting that the magistrates were very much on Joseph's side. The chairman said, "when the holder of the licence has the pluck to charge a man like the prisoner, he should have protection."
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