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Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-Ohio

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Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-Ohio

Postby atvchick95 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:21 pm

I have been searching for his parents for 10 years now if not longer! It appears he just fell onto this earth one day at the age of about 33 years old! I know that is not possible, but that is how it appears :)

His name is Jonas Thomas Dowdell (Spelled many different ways, he's even listed on a census as James)
What I know (I'm hoping I don't leave out any needed details)
Birth: 18 Jun 1807 - Culpeper, Virginia, USA (All sources are the Census Records)
Death: 28 Oct 1891 - Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio, USA (Source Death record - just written in a book no other info except cause of death which I can't make out)

1st marriage: Was to Charlotte Downie in 1840 - no source for this, I don't even know where they were married, but Charlotte was born in Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio - She went by Charity on every Census she's in.

The Census Records:
1850 - Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio - Listed as Jones Dowdle
1860 - Athens, Harrison County, Ohio - Listed as James Dawdall
1870 - Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio - Listed as Jonas Doudle
1880 - Greene, Harrison County, Ohio - Listed as Thomas Dowdle

2nd Marriage: 1877 to Anna Dungan - Have source - Marriage record - However I'm not sure if this marriage was actually with my Jonas - as he was 70 years old and Jonas Dowdle and Anna Dugan had a daughter in 1878 -There is another Jonas Dowdle in my family - the grandson to my Jonas, however I've not gotten around to seeing if it's possible that Anna was his wife yet.

Residence: 1855 - Age 77 Jefferson County, Ohio - Source: Quaker Encyclopedia - the listing in this for him was for the Short Creek Monthly Meeting it reads: " 1885, 2, 25 -Jonas Dowdle - recrq (G)" if your not familiar with the abbreviations used for Quaker's the recrq means "Received by request" - I am unsure of what was received though. I also don't know what the " (G)" means but I'm assuming it means granted it's listed on a lot of the entries

His death record lists him as Jonah Doudle - the source is Familysearch
Also I have a letter from the Librarian who handles the Genealogy section of the library in Steubneville, Jefferson County, Ohio , stating she also could not find any actual death record or a death certificate for him, just an entry written in a book, she can't even find a cemetery or burial information, so she can only tell me that yes he died in Jefferson County, Ohio and the date but nothing more.

Jonas and Charlotte had the following children all born in Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson County, Ohio with the exception of William says he was born in Uniontown, Belmont County, Ohio However I find it odd they were all born in Mt. Pleasant yet the parents were not in Mt. Pleasant the entire time according to the census records, and according to those records they were never even in Uniontown, Belmont County, Ohio .
But nonetheless here are the list of children w/birth years
Eli M. 1841
Sara Jane 1842
Isaac 1846
Lucinda 1846
Mary Ann 1849
Thomas 1852
Cyrus 1852
Deborah 1854
Joseph 1857
Lydia J. 1859
William H 1862
The daughter he supposedly had with Anna Dungan
Florence J. Dundle - 1878 - Warren, Jefferson County, Ohio

I am sorry this is so long, just wanted to make sure I didn't leave out anything that I think is important. I'm not understanding why I can't find his parents, or why he just appears out of no where. Where was he for the 33 years from his birth to his 1st marriage??? People don't just drop from the sky , ya know :)

I have searched high and low on Ancestry, Family Search, Just plain out google searches, I've searched him using Google Books, I've searched those books on just Culpeper Va, and Just Virginia just trying to find anyone in the area with the same last name. I've spelled his 1st and last name every way known to man! I have used his middle name as his first name, I've done searches of just last name (Spelled all the ways I can think of and know of) I've searched for him in Culpeper Virginia, Just Virginia as well. If I'd add up all the hours I have spent on this ONE single Man over the last 10 or so years I've probably searched him for over a thousand hours ! But not only as he fallen onto this earth apparently, it also appears he fell right back off this earth, since there are no records of him being buried any where in Jefferson County Ohio or the surrounding counties , or even being sent back to Virginia to be buried! Just poof and he's gone :(

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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Re: Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-O

Postby avaline » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:39 am

Not a huge amount of help, but the cause of death was Senectus (old age). As to the Quaker record, I think it means that he was received (into the meeting) by request. Does this suggest he was a Quaker himself? I don't know, but I noticed that on the same date a Silas Dowdle was also received by request, so they're possibly connected.

A very vague possible connection is the 1880 census for Bratton, Adams, Ohio, which has an S Doudell aged 64 (c 1816) & born Virginia, listed as Uncle to John J Lovett aged 46 & also born Virginia.

In 1860 John is with his parents, J P & Lucinda Lovitt, and with them is 45-year-old Sampson Dowdell. Presumably Sampson is the S Doudle from 1880, who therefore isn't Silas as I'd hoped, but it leads back to this marriage:

Lucinda Dowdell married James P. Lovett on 4 Jun 1827 in Loundon, Virginia

I notice that one of Jonas's children was named Lucinda, and as Loundon & Culpeper aren't that far apart there could possibly, perhaps, maybe be a connection.

ADDED: Silas might be the Silas Dowdel aged 23 in 1880 living in Archer, Harrison, Ohio as son-in-law to Joseph Noble. Silas born Ohio, Father born Virginia, mother born Ohio. I can’t find Silas on earlier records, so I think he may actually be Cyrus, son of Jonas.
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Re: Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-O

Postby atvchick95 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:57 am

Thank you :)
I'm not sure if he was a Quaker either myself, I know there were a few listed on there that the names matched members in my tree and most were all the same abbreviation with at least one who was dropped from membership (that one was easy to know its meaning lol) His one son Cyrus has been listed on a few things as Silas - so that could be him , but to me Cryus and Silas is two different names entirely but I keep seeing him listed as both and all the other info matches Cyrus except the name.

I will look into the others and see if they connect to mine. I know records weren't well taken back then, but It still blows my mind that there isn't a single actual record of him until the 1850 Census. Since I can't even find an actual record of the 1st marriage to Charlotte "Charity".
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Re: Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-O

Postby meekhcs » Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:54 am

atvchick95 wrote

but to me Cryus and Silas is two different names entirely but I keep seeing him listed as both and all the other info matches Cyrus except the name.

Yes, but when spoken they would have sounded similar depending on the accent of the person who spoke them. Follow that by how the enumerator/recorder heard them and wrote them down it is entirely possible that they are one and the same. I certainly wouldn't dismiss the possibility.
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Re: Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-O

Postby atvchick95 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:07 pm

Oh I don't :) I always look into any thing that seems like it can be him.
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Re: Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-O

Postby sunbirdgone » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:27 am

I have been researching Jonas and Charity/Charlotte for over 20 years. My great grandfather was William, my grandfather was William's son Isaac. I still have not been able to find out anything about him, honestly. As far as the other Jonas listed, he was only married once to Ethel Hibinger. They had 3 children, Thomas, Mary Eve, and I believe Ruth?I can't remember the other daughter's name. But I remember Mary Eve because her husband used to sit outside of their mobile home in a chair and looked like Father Time.But, I digress. So Anna Dugan was the second wife of the first Jonas, even though he was 70 years old at the time. I agree, however, that it was like Jonas popped up out of nowhere in Ohio. Just thought I would let you know that you are not alone in the frustration of trying to find out who his parents were.
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Re: Help finding parents of my 4th G-Grandfather, Virginia-O

Postby MayHam » Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:48 pm

Apparently, there were two Smithfield, Ohio newspapers in the 1880s. Not sure when they ended but you might try searching for an obituary. ... n=&rows=20

In 1810, the only Dowdle (var. spellings) I could find in Culpeper, Virginia, was Mary Dowdle with her presumed family. ... cessSource

In 1830, there is a Sally Dowdle with her presumed family. ... essSource')

In 1820, there was a Mary Dewall (sic) but I'm not certain she is the same Mary from 1810. ... cessSource

Coincidentally, there was a James Dowdall of Ireland, whose 10 Nov 1813 death was reported in the Norfolk Times. ... &ml_rpos=1

Also, coincidentally, 1813-1817, Culpeper Co., VA wills, p. 90
Mary Dowdall ... d=IE189745

Also, coincidentally, Mary Doudall...
12 Jun 1815, Shenandoah Co., Virginia= Michael Rodecap ... urce=60214

Don't know if the following might be your Jonas/James?
1840- Wheeling, Belmont, Ohio - James Dowdle: 20-29, Female: 20-29, Male: under 5 ... sePUB=true

Anna Dungan appears to have remarried in 1880. ... ource=6742
and ... ource=6742

1880- Buffalo, Brooke, West Virginia, USA ... cessSource

1900- Warren, Jefferson, Ohio

1910- Clay, Harrison, West Virginia ... &ml_rpos=1

Anna remarried in 1912. ... ource=7884

1920- Buffalo, Brooke, West Virginia ... ource=2538

1930- Buffalo, Brooke, West Virginia ... ource=6061

Anna died in 1938. Unfortunately, I have not found her gravesite or an obituary.
original ... umber=1607

Florence E. Dondell b. 1878, Warren, Jefferson County, Ohio, d/o Jonathan Dondell & Annie Dungan
17 Dec 1904, Jefferson Co., OH = John W. Boner b.1879, s/o William Boner & Nancy Nichols ... &ml_rpos=1

Don't know if the following may be of interest, as well?
James Downey ... 2106/facts
Charlotte Charity Downey
sis/o? Cornelius Downey, 1842= Martha Daniels ... cessSource

6 Feb 1782, Culpeper Co., VA marriages, p. 26
Dousel, Nehemiah = Elizabeth Goodman ... d=IE975272
Dowd/Dowsell, Nehemiah = Elizabeth Goodman, p. 30 (Baptist) ... =IE3648534
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