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Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

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Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby KatieJB » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:49 am

I would love a second opinion on my research please! I have been searching for William Nixon Thornton for an eternity. Having no luck finding him, I thought if I found his brother Marshall Stuart (Stewart) Thornton, I may also find William Nixon Thornton. They were both in Glasgow in 1857, both in the Glasgow Constabulary; both resigned - William in January 1858 & Marshall in November 1857. (I will save William Nixon Thornton for another time).
Marshall and his wife Ellen had a second daughter Martha Ann born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 1858 - his occupation given as soldier. In 1860 his wife gave birth to Marshall Stewart Thornton (Jnr) at Chester - his occupation given as hospital sergeant. The family are no where to be found at the time of the 1861 census. His father, Marshall Burrowes Thornton, died on 1 January 1861 in Ireland so it is a possibility that Marshall Stuart Thornton (variant spelling of Stuart/Stewart) had taken his family to visit his sick father in County Cavan, Ireland. In March 1862 there was a notice placed in the Cavan Observer which mentions Marshall Stewart Thornton, his sister Emily O'Donovan (wife of Richard White O'Donovan), and their mother Elizabeth Thornton - no mention is made of William Nixon Thornton (leading me to think he may have been deceased by this time). I think the family remained in Ireland for a couple years because another couple children Emily and Richard are born before I find the family once again in Liverpool in 1864. Marshall Stewart Thornton (born 1860) died in Liverpool in 1865. Another three children were born after this time.
Marshall and his family are transcribed with the surname Thomson on the 1871 census - living at 41 Blake Street, Liverpool. Marshall is alive at the time of census but is deceased by November when his baby daughter Margaret (only 3 days old and unnamed at the time of the 1871 census) dies in Liverpool. The addresses do not marry up on any of the certificates which would have made it far too easy to confirm if I was on the right track.
The only male who could be a possible candidate for him died in Liverpool in between the 1871 census and November 1871 but is recorded as 'John Stewart Thornton'. Age and occupation are correct. The informant was living at Back Blake Street, Liverpool in 1861 (but Hotham Street, Liverpool on the 1871 census). The only connection I can find is that Marshall and the informant both lived on Blake Street or Back Blake Street at some point, and that they were both Irish.

When baby Margaret's birth was registered in April 1871, her father was recorded as Stewart Thornton but on the 1871 census he is mis-transcribed as Marshall Phuart Thomson (38).

To complicate matters, Marshall Stewart Thornton born in 1867 is found recorded on the 1871 census as Marshall John Thomson (age 3, born Liverpool, Lancs), but on the 1881 census is recorded as John Thornton with his siblings Richard and Mary. It is definitely the correct family.

Ellen, widow of Marshall Stuart Thornton, remarried in 1877 at Salford, Lancashire - to a William Bilck. Here Ellen appears to disappear completely. There is nothing for her under the surname of Bilck other than this marriage.

Does anyone agree that John Stewart Thornton (died 1871) could be the same person as Marshall Stuart/Stewart Thornton (born c1829/c1831) please?

Marshall Stewart Thornton born 1867 was named as Marshall John Thornton (1871), and then 'John Thornton' (1881). Does any one else agree that there is a possibility that Marshall Stewart Thornton senior might be the same person as John Stewart Thornton who died in 1871? And that his son may have done the same thing with his Christian names.

I would be most grateful for any input please.
Thanking you in anticipation. Kate
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby ciderdrinker » Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:50 am

Good Morning
Welcome to the forum.We're always here to help.
There is quite a lot of information in your query but looking through it and searching for other possibilities I believe you are right and Marshall Stewert Thornton is John Stewart Thornton who die in 1871.I agree with you on all your conclusions.
Going back to William Nixon Thornton have you seen this marriage?
19th June 1859 at Clitheroe
Samuel Mann 23 bach wood turner Clitheroe s of Peter silk dealer
Adelaide Thornton 25 widow dress maker Clitheroe d of Daniel Lees naval officer?
wit Henry and Mary Smith.
She seems to remarry again at St George Wigan 15.2.1875 to William Woods

It looks like she was baptised at Portsea 8.10.1830 to Daniel and Mary Ann Lees.

I also spotted the death of Jane Thornton eldest d of Marshall Burrowes Thornton of Belturbet Oct 9th 1844 of scarletina.
We know Marshall B Thornton died 1.1.11861 aged 75.Had a wife Elizabeth .Was a Capt in the 12th Regiment.
All in all you would have though William Nixon Thornton the son would have made a bigger mark.

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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby elsabels » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:26 pm

I have tried to wade my way though this post, have lots of notes but decided to start with Ellen Thornton's remarriage.

A check of the Lancashirebmd site indicates the following

THORNTON Ellen BUCK William Salford St Simon Salford

Have you seen the marriage certificate for this marriage?

Mary Thornton b 1869 Liverpool married 1900 Eccles William Pinkburn, she indicates that her father Marshall Stewart Thornton is deceased ( entry on line at ancestry)

Is this Mary with her siblings as visitors? Approx area that mother is likely to be in?
1881 Census Salford
RG11; Piece: 3963; Folio: 56; Page: 20
5 Salmon Street , Greengate Salford
Richard Thornton 17 Baker Ireland
John Thornton 15 Scholar Ireland
Mary Thornton 12 Scholar Liverpool
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby KatieJB » Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:00 am

Dear Ciderdrinker, thank you! I am most grateful for your opinion; after assessing the information. I have been obsessing about this family when all I wanted was to find William Nixon Thornton in the first place. The brothers seem to have been in some of the same places at the same time and I thought if I found one, I would find the other. I really do appreciate your help and guidance.

William Nixon Thornton - where do I start? He was married in 1854 to Adelaide LEES - daughter of Daniel Lees and Mary Ann. They had only been married a little over two weeks when Adelaide, along with her mother and (sister in law?) were arrested for pawning stolen property (refer Liverpool Mercury 18 Aug 1854). A warrant was put out for the arrest of her brother who had stolen the goods from where he worked. William and Adelaide went their separate ways, both claimed to have been widowed when they remarried. William married Alexandrina Fletcher in Glasgow in 1857. She died the day after giving birth to their daughter (also Alexandrina). He was forced to resign from the Glasgow Constabulary in January 1858. Alexandrina Fletcher is buried at the Glasgow Necropolis but their daughter has proven to be just as elusive as her father William Nixon Thornton. There is no death certificate for her and she is not buried with her mother. Next time I find WNT is on the Index to enrolments for Policemen in Manchester. He joined the Manchester Police Force on 26 April 1859 - he has altered his age by a few years but all other detail suggests he is the correct person despite dropping the 'Nixon' from his name. He was dismissed from the Force on the 20 July 1859. In Glasgow, at least he appeared to like the drink a little too much and on several occasions was fined and sometimes suspended as well for being drunk on duty.

Manchester is where my trail for William Nixon Thornton really does go cold. As previously mentioned his father died on 1 January 1861. An article in the Cavan Observer in Ireland on 8 March 1862 does not mention him - only his mother, sister and brother (Marshall). I can only think of two reasons for his name to be omitted - 1. he was deceased by 1862; 2. perhaps he was disowned by the family or disappeared of his own accord. I think option 1. is more likely. But when and where I have yet to discover.

I will leave baby Alexandrina Thornton for another time. She is a whole other story in my research.

As for Adelaide LEES - I think they mutually agreed to go their separate ways. He left the country and headed for Scotland. I think Adelaide spent a couple months in prison but on her release she married Samuel MANN on 19 June 1859. They had four children. After his death, she married for a third time - to William WOODS.

William and Marshall did have a sister Jane who died in 1842 (per the Dublin Evening Mail; Limerick Reporter; and the Northern Standard). They also had a cousin William who I followed for a while before realizing that it was not William Nixon Thornton but his cousin. His cousin William did make a huge contribution in his profession becoming - the first head of the water police in Queensland (Australia), a member of the Legislative Assembly etc.

A fresh pair of eyes might pick up something obvious that I have missed.

Thank you Ciderdrinker! I am most grateful for your help.
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby KatieJB » Sat Jun 30, 2018 2:12 am

Hi Elsabels, Thank you! Thank you!

I do have the certificate for Ellen Thornton but it has been transcribed as BILCK (on Freebmd & through the GRO as well) and it really does look like that as well on the certificate. I had looked for Birch, Belch etc but not even thought of BUCK but it certainly does make a huge amount of sense now that you have opened my eyes. I am eager to see what I can find under that name now. I will let you know! I had not been aware of the Lancashire bmd site.

You have the correct family on the 1881 census - Mary is with siblings Richard and John. I have managed to follow both Mary and Richard through the census and their marriages to their deaths. Mary Pinkburn died in 1961- still living in Salford.

I am very grateful for your help. Thank you!

Thank you Ciderdrinker and Elsabels you are both wonderful! Thank you so much!!
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby elsabels » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:28 am

Southern Cemetery.jpg
Southern Cemetery.jpg (803.8 KiB) Viewed 1389 times

Mary Thornton PINKBURN

Buried 19 April 1961 Southern Cemetery section V ( CoE), I suspect an unmarked grave, a search of the site below
05/07/1893 Lucy Pinkburn Manchester General Cemetery ConsecratedSection 1176
18/04/1961 Mary Pinkburn Southern Cemetery VConsecrated 2081 View details
16/07/1928 William Pinkburn Southern Cemetery VConsecrated 2081 View details

Viewong the details will give address etc
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby elsabels » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:31 am

Sticking with the children of Marshall S
Marriage: 3 Apr 1882 St Alban, Cheetham, Lancashire, England
John William Haslam - 27, Milkman, Bachelor, 9 Banks Avenue
Emily Thornton - (X), 21, Spinster, 57 Gravel Lane, Salford
Groom's Father: Samuel Haslam, Engineer
Bride's Father: Marshall Steward Thornton, Cashier
Witness: Richard Thornton; Sophia Haslam
Married by Banns by: Archibald Day
Register: Marriages 1875 - 1892, Page 127, Entry 253
Source: LDS Film 1408887

1881 Census
RG11 3958 48 10
57 Gravel Lane
Emily Thornton Servant Single Female 20 1861 Scotland Servant
Ironically the family are Dairymen
You will find John WH Haslam on
RG11 3958 48 8
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby elsabels » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:37 am

Idling my time, it is tooo hot for me outside, I am likely to wilt like the plants, found this entry that may be worth following up, it ties in with your thoughts. ... nton/photo
John Stewart Thornton
BIRTH unknown
DEATH 20 Jul 1871
Anfield Cemetery and Crematorium
Anfield, Metropolitan Borough of Liverpool, Merseyside, England
PLOT Consecrated Sec.3, Grave 978
MEMORIAL ID 175034270 · View Source ... 201871.htm
Thornton, John Stewart 20 July 1871 40 years Clerk Hotham Street
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby elsabels » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:34 pm

William NIxon Thornton, looks as if he applied to join Royal Irish Constabulary in 1849, info on FMP

26 April 1859 applied to Manchester Police stated single

Is this him?
Ireland Grand Lodge of Freemasons Membership register
Name: Wm Nixon Thornton
Gender: Male
Event Date: 7 Aug 1839
Event Place: Ardlougher Ballyconnell Co Cavan
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby KatieJB » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:42 am

Good morning Elsabels, I hope today is a little cooler for you. Thank you for your help! You are a true Gem! And all the information that you have provided me with.

I did have some of the information previously - such as WN Thornton and his being in the Irish Constabulary (he lasted 3 days dismissed medical reasons) & yes it is him in the Freemason Register - although he was only 17 at the time (born 1822). He desperately wanted to be in the police force - having applied to the Irish Constabulary, the Fermanagh Militia, the Glasgow Constabulary and the Manchester Police also.

I am confident that John Stewart Thornton and Marshall Stewart Thornton are one and the same person. What puzzles me is why he wasn't buried at Walton Park where his son was buried in 1865; and then his baby daughter Margaret in December 1871.

THANK YOU!! for the marriage of Emily Thornton. That is fabulous!

Looking for this family has required me to totally think outside the box because nothing has ever been totally consistent with this family. However you have given me a new avenue to search for the family.

I have looked on the 1881 census for Ellen with a husband William BUCK but with no luck yet. There are William Buck's with a wife Ellen but they appear on earlier census - Ellen remains elusive but I feel that with your help I am getting closer.

Thank you! I am very grateful for all your help! Kate
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