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Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby elsabels » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:26 pm

[I do have the certificate for Ellen Thornton but it has been transcribed as BILCK (on Freebmd & through the GRO as well) and it really does look like that as well on the certificate. I had looked for Birch, Belch etc but not even thought of BUCK but it certainly does make a huge amount of sense now that you have opened my eyes. I am eager to see what I can find under that name now. I will let you know! I had not been aware of the Lancashire bmd site. ]

What is the information about William & Ellen , address /age / vocation/father etc and who were the witnesses
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Re: Elusive Marshall Thornton and family

Postby KatieJB » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:26 pm

Hi Elsabels, sorry I have not replied earlier - I did not see your post. My apologies!

According to the certificate William Bilck is the son of John Bilck, Farmer. Ellen Thornton is the daughter of John McAdam, Joiner. (When she married Marshall Stuart Thornton her father was recorded as Mark McAdam). The witnesses are Samuel Hughes and his wife Eugenia.

William is recorded as age 32; Ellen is recorded as age 30. However, I am convinced that Ellen is not totally sure of how old she is - or perhaps she has lowered her age as her husband is younger than she is.

In 1855 she was recorded as 18; in 1871 she was recorded as 29; and in 1877 she was recorded as 30. That implies she could have been born anywhere between 1837 and 1847.

I have made contact with a fellow who has Samuel and Eugenia on his tree. Interestingly he also has the surname Buck. Although he does not have this particular William BUCK; he does have a John Buck (perhaps his father) and a William Buck (possibly a grandfather) from earlier generations. There may be hope yet! Thank you for your continued assistance. Bye for now. Kate
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