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No record of death

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No record of death

Postby Will Mundy » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:57 am

I'm trying to trace my great great grandmother Mary Jane Gibbs, she was born in Oxford on the 11th April 1859 to Thomas and Sarah Gibbs. Her early life I have been able to trace well she appears in census records etc. her name also changed to just Jane by 1871. In 1880 she married my great great grandfather Thomas Mundy who was 36 years her senior! They had to get married as she was pregnant at the time of marriage. Jane had several children with Thomas and lived in Oxford in the same street Jane's parents lived. Thomas was still fathering children into his 70's and he died in early 1899 in Oxford.

Jane appears in the 1901 census living in Oxford with her younger children, this is the last time she appears in a census. She was very poor at the time and there is a record of her and my great grandfather going to the workhouse. In 1903 she married again to a William Harris who was 6 years younger than her, he came from Cold Harbour just up the road from Oxford. William Harris had not been married before and seemed to reject Jane's children, causing resentment from her younger children towards her. My great grandfather and his younger brother went to live with their aunt, Jane's older sister Eliza and her husband David East. My great grandfather George had no time for his mother but did very well considering his early upbringing, he went on to be head Gardener at St. John's College in Oxford.

After 1903 Jane and her husband seem to vanish into thin air, directories at the time mention William Harris living in Oxford, but then stop after 1903. Eliza never had any children so she took in her two nephews as Jane seemed to abandon them, George went off to fight in World War 1 and sent a card to his aunt not his mother. In 1919 Eliza died, her husband lived on though until 1927. My grandfather Georges son recalled being taken to see an old woman called Janey Gibbs and was told that she was his grandmother. He had a very good memory, it's believed he was taken to see his great uncle David and Jane was there. He didn't mention her again. This would have been around 1927, it's also the last time she's heard of. I can find no record of her death anywhere under any three of her surnames. Can anybody help me find out what happened to her?
Will Mundy
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Re: No record of death

Postby elsabels » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:41 am

Potential , the informant may not know ALL the correct details
Name: Mary J Harris
Death Age: 75
Birth Date: abt 1861
Registration Date: Dec 1936
Registration district: Oxford Oxfordshire
Volume: 3a Page: 1489

Burial details Oxford, St Paul
Abode London Road Hosp Oxford
Date of death: 24 Dec 1936
Buried: 24 January 1936?
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