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New Archives Card

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New Archives Card

Postby junkers » Thu May 24, 2018 5:38 pm

I don't like the idea of this new card to replace the CARN card (which is not acceptable everywhere) in September. I can't see that 90,000 new cards are going to be enough and although we will not have to pay (apart from bringing a passport photograph) there are some serious issues in my view, not least that the national archives in the separate parts of the UK have their own systems. I was told by The National Archives at Kew that the reason we don't have just one card was data protection and given the fact that the ARA are going to have a central database of our personal information (a touch of 'Big Brother'?) we should I think be told who has access to the information and under what controls. It seems ridiculous that the photograph we supply is not put on the card (as at Kew) or at the British Library so what happens to it. There is apparently going to be a box to receive emails etc from advertising companies (yuk!) and the system will allow ethnic monitoring and that might be an issue. I don't understand why the ARA and others don't follow the National Archives at Kew system which seems to work well and allows a record of who had documents and when. If a number of organisations don't join then what happens?.
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