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Missing birth certificate for Charles Riddle

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Re: Missing birth certificate for Charles Riddle

Postby AdrianB38 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:03 pm

Mmm. Lots of confinement references. Interesting... Particularly when we get phrases like "Mr Napper was authorised to attend the wife of Samuel Tidy of Ewhurst Parish in confinement."

"Authorised to attend", in my personal view, makes it seem like said wife was not in the Workhouse at all - otherwise why would Mr Napper need authority to attend her? Sounds much more likely (and this is a guess/estimate) that (a) Mr Napper here was an employee of the workhouse and (b) that he was being authorised to attend to someone outside the workhouse - presumably with the Workhouse paying the costs.

And, I've forgotten which episode this was in, but in the last(?) series of WDYTYA?, wasn't there someone who'd ended up being employed as a medic by the workhouse, having come down the social scale of his medical practices? So (a) above sounds quite plausible.

So if that's the reason for the "authority to attend", then it seems more likely that the Riddle confinements were indeed outside the workhouse... What happened after the birth is another matter.
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Re: Missing birth certificate for Charles Riddle

Postby ianbee » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:02 pm

I think, Adrian, that you have got it sorted, as far as it can be.
The Sep 1837 birth registration could be that of William Riddle, baptized 29 October 1837 at Chiddingfold. Parents William + Harriet, father a Labourer.

In the Hambledon baptism register, for those baptized from the workhouse, they seem also to be giving the usual parish of the parents.
Charles Riddle was baptized on the same day as the illegitimate Elizabeth, daughter of Harriet Blythman. And, no, I haven't seen a birth registration for her. But then we don't know exactly when (or where) she was born!
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Re: Missing birth certificate for Charles Riddle

Postby SDV » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:08 am

Thanks for all the help, though the birth certificate for Charles remains elusive.

I thought it may be useful, if I listed the names of all of William and Harriet's children that I know off and the associated problems:

Walter RIDDLE (1829-?) - bap 12 Jul 1829 @ Chiddingfold. Last positively recorded 1851C wkg in Chiddingfold as an agricultural labourer. There is a Walter Riddle (8319) who joins the Grenadier Guards, but it is unclear whether or not this is the same person.

Ellen RIDDLE (1831-1898) - bap 08 May 1831 @ Chiddingfold. No outstanding problems.

Elizabeth RIDDLE (1833-1908) - bap 26 May 1833 @ North Chapel. No outstanding problems.

Louisa RIDDLE (1835-1909) - bap 14 Jul 1835 @ North Chapel. Appears to be called Jane in the 1841C. Otherwise no outstanding problems.

William RIDDLE (1837-1842) - bap 29 Oct 1837 @ Chiddingfold. No outstanding problems.

Charles RIDDLE (1839-1840) - bap 25 Jul 1839 @ Chiddingfold. No birth certificate.

Leah RIDDLE (1841-1901) - bap 16 May 1841 @ Chiddingfold. No outstanding problems.

Rosina RIDDLE (1844-1922) - bap 13 Mar 1844 @ Chiddingfold. No outstanding problems.

Margaret RIDDLE (1847-1920) - bap 04 Jul 1847 @ Chiddingfold. No outstanding problems.

Henny Ann RIDDLE (1849-1849) - bap 07 Oct 1849 @ Chiddingfold. No outstanding problems.

Apart from further help on finding Charles' birth certificate and further clarification on where he was born, I would appreciate help with:

(1) finding out what happened to Walter after 1851. Did he join the Army? Did he marry? When did he die?

(2) Who is Jane in the 1861C? Is she Louisa?

Many thanks.

PS I have a copy of the 1837 Birth Certificate Q3 1837 Hambledon 4 140, which appears as RIDDLE Riddle on the indexes. It is for a male RIDDLE and must be for William.
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