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Pennington family

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Pennington family

Postby PaulH01 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:07 pm

I have an ancestor, William Pennington, who was vicar of Walesby in Nottinghamshire until his death in 1720. I have a picture of his gravestone/MI in the church there and it suggests he was born about 1647.

From the CCED database, the DOB is very similar, but he hails from a different place:
Could be Venn: Adm. sizar (age 19) at ST JOHN'S, Apr. 13, 1668. S. of William, of Furness Fells, Lancs. B. there. School, Sedbergh. ' Matric. 1668; B.A. 1671-2. Ord. deacon (York) Sept. 1672; priest, Sept. 1675.

Looking at towns/villages in the Furness Fells area, Colton has several entries for Pennington.
From FamilySearch, The father of William b 1648 may well either be: William, b Colton 1629 father William (a bit young?), or William b Colton 1626 father Gilbert (more likely).
But there the trail goes cold.

Since there may be links to the village of Pennington, not far from Colton, and to the well-known Pennington family of Muncaster (Castle), I'd very much like to find out more. I feel that establishing a link is within touching distance, but I cannot yet find the exact one.

There is a William Pennington 1626-1683 born Muncaster who has links to the well-known bit, but he
appears to have stayed in the area and not ventured down to Colton.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.
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Re: Pennington family

Postby junkers » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:09 pm

As the stone said he was in his 75th year in 1720 (online) that would make his birth to be about 1645 rather than 1647. The lists of vicars at Walesby ( ... incumb.php) lists his promoter and maybe the Nottinghamshire Archives may have some records. The fact that he may have not been born in the area shouldn't distract from other possibilities and of course is during the time of the Commonwealth after the execution of Charles I in 1642.
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Re: Pennington family

Postby PaulH01 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:15 pm

Thanks for your reply - yes, the gravestone would seem to imply a birth date of 1645/6, although the site here thinks it looks like 73th (it does a bit) :-) ... onumnt.php
But am I right in saying that the CCED entry has him as aged 19 in 1668, i.e. born in 1649, or have I misread it?

I cannot find any other births in the Furness Fells area anywhere near the Colton 1648 birth that is on FamilySearch (there is a 1648 birth in Cartmel but that does not quite qualify as Furness Fells, I think), which is why I thought it was probably that one.

The promoter/patron, Sir George Saville, 4th Bart., 1st Marquis of Halifax is an interesting one, although I don't know whether he would probably have promoted a few people and had no particular connection with William Pennington, although he did live mainly at Rufford Abbey. There there is a possible connection here, although in 1709 it looks to be the 7th Bart.: ... /pp626-627
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