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Postby Stockhome » Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:35 pm

I have been researching my wife's family for some time but she has not managed to keep in touch with her relatives . Her grandfather was Frederick Thomas Hughes (B 5/9/1869 ), Malpas , Cheshire . His spouse was Ann , nee Baker (B 3/2/1870 )Stoke on Trent . They had 10 children : Mary Ann ( Johnson) B 30/5/1891 . Emily (Clewlow) , B 14/4/1692 . Amy ( Brassington) B 17/10/1894 . Thomas (pos . Unm ) B 12/1/1897 . Annie ( Hamlet) ,B 24/7/1899 . William ( ? Doris A Smith ) , B 11/9/1902 . Maggie ( O'Neill) ,B 2/10/1904 . Frances (Holmes) , B 13/4/1907 . Lily (Moore) , B 24/12/1909 . May (Arnold ) B 19/5/1912 . They were all born in Stoke on Trent area . We would be extremely pleased to make contact with any descendants & believe there must be quite a few cousins around !
As I haven't received any replies or comments concerning my search for relatives of my wife , I am assuming there are no people living in Stoke-on-Trent area who have read my message & who go by the surnames listed above & who may be related to those people . We are only interested in this from a genealogical point of view .
We would be only too pleased to hear from anyone who think they can put us in touch with any relatives of the above . Johnson , Clewlow, Brassington ,Hamlet , O'Neill ,Arnold . We are aware of Holmes & Moore .
I am surprised not to have received any responses to my request for information regarding the family surnames listed above . Surely there must be family members around ! I would be delighted to hear from you , please get in touch !
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