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Jas. Turner, Suffolk 1832-37 to Aus. 1844-46

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Jas. Turner, Suffolk 1832-37 to Aus. 1844-46

Postby janetw » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:23 am

James Turner married Catherine Fraser in Victoria, Australia, January 1860 giving his age as 22 years (b. 1837-38). he signed with his mark "X" so apparently could not write. The marriage certificate records his place of birth as Suffolk, Eng. parents John Turner and Susan nee Adams.

They had seven children and James' birth place as recorded at the births indicates Little Cornard, Suffolk. James died in 1929, his age recorded at death being 96 years (born 1832-33) having lived 82 years in Victoria. His obituary published in local paper states that he arrived in Sydney in 1846 at age 14 years with an uncle.

The only James Turner we have identified as arriving Sydney was aboard the 'Glentanner' in 1844 but there was no other passenger who we could recognise as an uncle.

We have been unable to trace James' birth or parents in Suffolk, England, nor can we verify the 1846 date of arrival or the uncle.

Can anyone assist please.
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Re: Jas. Turner, Suffolk 1832-37 to Aus. 1844-46

Postby pforkes » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:08 pm

The Turners in my tree also came from Little Cornard so there is a reasonable possibility that we are related.

Send me a private message with your email address and I'll give you access to me tree on Ancestry (it is also on FindMyPast and GenesReunited).

By any chance, have your bought an AncestryDNA or MyHeritage DNA kit? I have both and that may tell us if we are connected (Little Cornard was not that big - just look at how few people were in the 1841 census for Little Cornard - there are only 9 pages) - less than 400 people.
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Re: Jas. Turner, Suffolk 1832-37 to Aus. 1844-46

Postby pforkes » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:18 pm

My great, great grandfather was James Turner born 27th April 1939 in Little Cornard, but he did NOT emigrate to Australia. His parents were William Turner and Sarah Cant.

His father's Father's parents were William Turner (b ~1875( and Mary Tiffany (b ~1769). They were married in Little Cornard on 24th June 1788.

There cannot be too many James Turners in Little Cornard at that time, and we have just eliminated one of them.
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Re: Jas. Turner, Suffolk 1832-37 to Aus. 1844-46

Postby HardWork » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:24 pm

I started a reply earlier but then abandoned it as I found that the possible candidate was alive and living in Middlesex in 1871. However, it strikes me that everything you currently “know” about James is completely unverified and therefore I will return to some of what I deleted earlier.

In summary, James’s birth could be almost at anytime in the 1830s from the conflicting ages that you have, so is unreliable. You cannot find him in immigration records with any certainty, so could he have arrived earlier, later, under a different name or even been transported? You cannot even find a marriage between a John TURNER and Susan ADAMS. The one thing most likely to be true is probably his county of birth as that is vague enough to be unnecessary to falsify.

It is almost certain that James would be alive in 1841 and in the UK and most probably Suffolk. The man I looked at earlier was James TURNER born c1831 living at Ousden, Suffolk with parents John and Susan (1841 census ref: HO107 Book 3 Folio 8 Page 10). John’s age has to be incorrect here as he is said to be born 1807-1811 yet his eldest son was born c1823. There were sons, Thomas c1823, John c1829, James c1831, William c1832 and George c1837. This James is the only candidate for yours in West Suffolk, but as I say, he was still in England in 1871. Unfortunately, I believe Ousden 1851 census is missing.

Though this James has no connection that is obvious to Little Cornard (he was born in Ousden) he does have parents with the requisite names. The marriage for this John TURNER was at Ousden 21 Dec 1821 – John junior to Susan ARBON. It is not that difficult to believe that someone misheard ADAM(S) for ARBON given the dialect. The only other marriages in Suffolk for John TURNER to a Susan (BUTCHER) were at Little Waldingfield, in 1834 (John a widower) and John to Susan READ at Combs, he of Stowupland. No TURNER-ADAMS marriage at all in Suffolk.

This leads me to wonder if your James was mildly trying to lay a false trail. Obviously he cannot be the James in Poplar, Middlesex, unless he actually moved to Australia much later than he claimed, but could he one of James brother’s, trying to hide his full identity for some reason. One would imagine if that if someone was loosely impersonating James it would have to be someone who knew enough about him to have some idea of his parentage.

Sorry. No answers but things to consider. I have seen another instance where I believe a brother was possibly impersonating his sibling. Incidentally, John TURNER and his father John were both carpenters, if that is any help, and had enough money/status to put a death notice in the newspaper for John senior's wife Rebecca 1843 (James grandmother).
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