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That lovely feeling when...

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That lovely feeling when...

Postby janiej » Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:02 am

I keep coming back to them, systematically searching in ever increasing circles from their last known residence in 1881, their new south London home. Their sons have all left London and their daughter disappeared off the face of the earth after 1861, no marriage, no death, and so far no emigration. Bless the old couple, though, they always gave the same year of birth on the Census to make it easier but it’s been a costly business. Every time I send for a death certificate, I feel sure I have found them, only to suffer the disappointment when it is, once more, the wrong Thomas or Sarah Jones. Why couldn’t they have names like Theophilus and Hephzibah?

Today, I picked them up again. My search had reached the other side of the Thames - would they have gone back to Chelsea? Where was it they had lived, exactly? I hadn’t looked at the 1871 Census for a long while and had forgotten they had lodgers. Nor had I spotted that the lodgers’s surname was the same as the man who married one of Thomas’s granddaughters.

I just love the GRO website. I looked up the man’s birth record and frightened my family with my shouts of delight when I discovered his mother’s maiden name was Jones. I went back to the Census and there, in faint scrawled letters, squeezed in the bottom of the page, I could just work out the name of the lodger’s wife - Sarah!! It was Thomas’s daughter.

Where did they go after leaving Chelsea? Skip forward to 1891, and there they are - in Manchester, and guess who is with them? Thomas. He’s a widower, but there are two deaths of a Sarah, of the right age, and a later one for Thomas that matches so, fingers crossed, as I send off my hard earned cash. I’ll just send for one Sarah for now, but I just know that it will be the wrong one!

Now, it all makes sense. Thomas and Sarah had no-one left in the capital, so they moved with their family. The Manchester son had a daughter, and it was she who married her cousin.

I still can’t find the marriage of daughter Sarah to the lodger, but have an inkling that her name was mistranscibed on the BMD Registers. There’s only one way to find out - GRO, here I come again!!
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Re: That lovely feeling when...

Postby Mick Loney » Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:10 am

I know the feeling. I too looked for the death of a 2’ggfather called George Moore, (surname nearly as bad as Jones :D ).

Perusing trees on Ancestry, I spotted a death certificate someone had posted on their tree for a George Moore. Examining the image, I noticed that it was his married daughter who reported his death, and her name and address looked familiar, she was none other than my ggmother!

You take your luck whenever you find it! :D
Mick Loney
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Re: That lovely feeling when...

Postby meekhcs » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:28 pm

So satisfying when eveything comes together.

I managed to put a side a good period of time this week for my own research and immediately disaster seem to strike at every turn, both within my research, and from outside influences!!

First of all I returned to Mary Ann Parmiter, bn c.1854? who appeared out of nowhere into the bosom of her Family. She hung about for three census records and then wandered off again who knows where! Even GRO couldn't come to my rescue and in desparation I have posted a piece in General research about her in the hope that someone may see where I have gone wrong!

I then turned to newspapers on FMP. FMP are offering free access this week and of course today being the centenary of you know what I should have known it was a bad idea! The site staggered along very slowly until it ground to a halt and was finally taken down for emergency repairs.

Not to be beaten, I decided to revisit my age old brickwall of the Smith Family. I was so methodical I amazed myself! Pulled together every little bit of info I had that could POSSIBLY pertain to them and together with a chance find have managed to pull the whole thing together. Bliss!

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Re: That lovely feeling when...

Postby KayFarndon » Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:27 am

Way back, it now seems almost like the beginning of time, I searched for my Welsh born uncle, one David Davies! Have you any idea just how many men have that name?

I got scant information about her family from my late mother and pieced together that when she spoke of the brother who was born when she was 12 and made references to, 'My youngest brother' I assumed it was David. I have never recovered from how wrong I was and the years it took me to find him. I spent hour after hour scanning records, all useless and decided that I was never going to find him, it was too much of the needle in the haystack syndrome.

You will all be aware of the ideas which flood the brain when you are looking for a solution and the eureka moment when it all comes together. I knew David had died aged 26, which according to me should have been 1942 and I had the bright idea that as he was perhaps the only child my grandparents had lost, had they purchased a grave plot, so that when their time came they could also be laid to rest with their son?

I knew that my Welsh grandparents ended their days in Southampton, as I had their death certificates, so I contacted the registrar to ask for advice as to finding out where they were buried. My letter was passed onto the Bereavement Services there and by return of post came my answer. All three were buried in the one grave and David had actually been my mother's eldest brother, born 1903 and died 1929. If I had known that he also had two more Christian names, then it would have been a simple search.

This was a revelation for me, but it taught me a lot. Always question what you are told and if what you are being told doesn't quite make sense, or opens other possibilities, then don't be afraid to ask, no matter how daft it may sound.

I have had many eureka moments and they always astound me, so never give up, as the answer will be lurking there somewhere!

Good hunting!
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Re: That lovely feeling when...

Postby janiej » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:34 pm

Back to square one - it was not the Thomas I wanted, it was the wrong Sarah, and the marriage was not the right one. I can only think she had been married before because all the children are registered in the father's name with her maiden name, but there is no marriage for them.
Here we go again
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Re: That lovely feeling when...

Postby Amazinggrace » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:53 pm

Hi,could be worse I am attempting to do some research on my husbands family.His father was John Smith(yep)and his mothers maiden name was Smith. Arrgh!!!
Good luck
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