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brick wall joseph messer

A problem shared is a problem halved. Post your brick walls here and see whether you can offer advice to others

brick wall joseph messer

Postby maxine tallon » Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:33 pm

I have decided to have another go at a long standing brick wall in my family tree.

Joseph Messer- the first concrete proof I have is his marriage to Ann Bryon on 31st January 1774 in Chesterton Oxfordshire, I have a copy of the parish records for this event. Their first Child was born in Bicester in 1775, after this the family seems to have moved to the village of Oakley which was then Oxfordshire and is now N Bucks, all their other children were born in this village, I have copies of the parish records as proof. Joseph died in January 1833 in Oakley buried on 20th January aged 86, from this I think he must have been born around 1747. Oxfordshire family History have done a search for me and can find no trace of him being born in the county. I have searched all the local area around Oxfordshire but can find no trace of his birth or his family. The name is often misspelt ie: Misser Masser Meisser. He seems to have Just materialised from nowhere into Chesterton. The Marriage record states that both he and Ann were of this parish.

Ann Bryon is another mystery I think she may have been born in Herefordshire, I have found a possible baptism for 1st April 1750 in Llanrothel, although this may not be her. she died in Oakley in August 1833 age at death 83yrs this is from the parish records. This would tie in with the 1750 baptism and is a feasible distance from Oxfordshire.

I would appreciate any ideas as to where to look next before I admit defeat.

thank you maxine
maxine tallon
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Re: brick wall joseph messer

Postby sparrow » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:21 pm

Have you any idea of his occupation? And/or reasonable certainty that the Thomas Messer in Chilton Bucks in the 1841 Census is his son? If the second then the chances are Joseph was also a smith (presumably blacksmith?)
I see there are two interrrelated trees on Ancestry that suggest Joseph was born in Germany which would account for no appearance before his marriage (and no other family members).Wondered about the possibility he might have been a soldier who settled in England.
Might expect some kind of land record (smallholding) if he was a blacksmith, but I think that's a matter of luck depending on county and always more rare in rural areas.
Just a thought, with no cross check with a census there are so many brick walls for most of us.
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Re: brick wall joseph messer

Postby maxine tallon » Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:29 pm

Joseph was listed as a labourer probably agricultural, he is listed in the poll books and electoral registers for 1832 as a labourer living in the village of Oakley which was then Oxfordshire and is now north Buckinghamshire. There has always been talk in the family of the name being german. but I have no proof of this and the name is also Norman French. Oxfordshire Family History search came up with possible parents (John & Mary living in Curbridge from 1749-1753) but Joseph isn't listed with them and their conclusion was he was born outside the county. John and Mary Bates married in Barford St Michael in 1743, hecame from Hailey and she from deddington. The marriage was by license, the Oxfordshire FH think the possible family they found would have been "not without means".
I don't think he was a soldier.

Thomas is his son he is listed as the father in the parish records.

maxine tallon
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