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Looking For Answers

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Looking For Answers

Postby j.young76 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:03 pm

I have recently had my DNA tested and discovered that my father, is not my father. No problem, since he never embraced that role anyway. My question comes from an analysis of the DNA. I have reason to believe that I may be bi-racial based on conversations with a relative and my memories. My mother is deceased, so asking her is not an option. I don't look like anyone in my immediate family, so this has always been a mystery I wanted to solve.

I have run the raw data thru every site I could find and the percentages remain fairly consistent.

56%-61% European
36%-39% African

Any thoughts? I know most African Americans have European DNA, but 60% seems to suggest something else to me.
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Re: Looking For Answers

Postby Sylcec » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:38 pm

It is difficult to know quite how to respond to your posting as it is couched in relatively vague terms.
As you refer to "African Americans" I am thinking that you are American, rather than British.

Are you assuming that your African DNA comes from your unknown father's side? Unless you have other evidence for this, it may not be so. Do you have siblings? If so, then it would be advisable for them to get their DNA tested so that you can discover how much you share.

Have you traced your late mother's genealogy and also her lifestyle & personal history? What was she doing 9 months before your birth? For example had she been serving in the military or living in a mixed race community? Maybe you could make a list of questions that you need to try and find answers to, to help put you on the right track.
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Re: Looking For Answers

Postby j.young76 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:53 pm

Thanks for the response! I am American (born in Mississippi). My mother is African American. My father is the mystery. I don't share the physical traits of my sister, or mother. I am looking at constructing a Family Tree based on DNA, but I am assuming that is going to be a tough process.
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Re: Looking For Answers

Postby SoozOne » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:54 am

I would think trying to construct your tree just from DNA would be nigh on impossible. If it were me I would be inclined to start your tree from what you actually know, even though you don't resemble others in your family. Trace back through what you know, starting with every detail about yourself you know or can remember, then whatever you can find out about your mother's side as far as you can. Grandparents, siblings etc. This will at least give you a toehold.
There can be a surprising amount of information out there when you start digging. Take it step by step where you can either definitely verify, or if not, put in a discard file - in case you need to refer to it - or retain as a possibility. Do this with each piece of information. When you look at census returns, see who's living in the same building or street. Sometimes a name will ring a long forgotten bell.
I've found ancestral research is rather like trying to make a jigsaw when the pieces are in the wrong box, jumbled up with other puzzles, and with pieces missing. Now and again there's a eureka moment, or a complete shock. Mostly its plodding, slowly matching pieces together with each other till something fits.
Best of luck with your search.

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Re: Looking For Answers

Postby fhb » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:14 am

As Soozone says - it is not easy. I didn't know who my mother's parents were although I had the names Davis and Baker. DNA has helped me identify them What I suggest you do is start as Soozone suggests -Start with what you know and what you have heard and build a tree from that. Then look at the closest Ancestry match info and build their tree -do not rely on what they have posted. Do the same for the next few matches and see if you can find where they intersect. Again - it is not easy and is a lot of work. Having ifentified my half brother an granparents it is worth it. Good hunting

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