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Abbotson (doctor), Hertfordshire, poss. Lancashire

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Abbotson (doctor), Hertfordshire, poss. Lancashire

Postby DianaCanada » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:53 pm

Would like to find out what happened to my ancestor's brother, Thomas Abbotson, who was probably b. in Hornby, Lancashire and was baptized as an infant 3 Aug 1766 at Melling, Lancs. His parents were Thomas Abbotson and Elizabeth Varley. Thomas Sr. was born in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.
Thomas is the eldest of 13 children; he was mentioned in his father's will but not where he was at the time. He was not one of the executors.
He was also mentioned in his uncle's will - William Abbotson was a surgeon in Giggleswick, Yorkshire. Thomas also had a cousin Charles in Austwick, Yorkshire who was a surgeon.
I have found a Thomas Abbotson of the right age who was a surgeon in Barkway, Hertfordshire. He married Lydia Dean 13 Sep 1802 and they had three surviving children. There might be a fourth child, Robert, d. 1809, or this might be a brother of Thomas, named Robert, who I have not been able to trace either. A descendant of one of these children has compiled a large descendancy for Thomas of Barkway, but he has not been able to confirm his parentage either.
Thomas died in 1809 and left a will, which was proved in 1826. He mentions his wife and children, and also an illegitimate daughter named Elizabeth, the daughter of Sarah Betod. The surname could be, at a stretch, Betos. I found a baptism for an Elizabeth in St. Mary Newington, Southwark, Surrey daughter of Thomas Abotson (one b) and Sarah Bettes on 4 Jan 1799, b. 6 Dec 1798. Two days later a Sarah Bettes was buried. I have not been able to find Elizabeth otherwise, but obviously she was alive in 1809.
A reference has been found to a Thomas Abbotson, surgeon, in Stansted, Essex in 1788.

Given the rarity of the Abbotson name (most of those who appear in later records seem to be related to me in one way or another, from Thomas Sr. or his brothers, and the fact that there were surgeons in the family, and the match for age, I think I have found him. Are there any other records that might exist that would link him to Lancashire or his uncle, such as apprenticeship?

Would also love to find Elizabeth, his illegitimate daughter.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Abbotson (doctor), Hertfordshire, poss. Lancashire

Postby woodchal » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:29 pm

Burton Parish Directory 1866 on BurtonWeb lists a Robert Abbotson Surgeon
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Re: Abbotson (doctor), Hertfordshire, poss. Lancashire

Postby DianaCanada » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:14 pm

woodchal wrote:Burton Parish Directory 1866 on BurtonWeb lists a Robert Abbotson Surgeon

Thanks, woodchai, I think he is one of mine, will double check. Yes, he died in Dec Q 1860, interesting he still appears in the directory in 1866. He had a son Robert but he was not a surgeon.

Robert the surgeon was a first cousin of Thomas Jr. born in Hornby Lancs in 1766. So if the Thomas in Barkway Herts is the same, there are 4 surgeons in the family.
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Re: Abbotson (doctor), Hertfordshire, poss. Lancashire

Postby BritishTJK » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:53 pm

Would love to swap notes, I am a descendant of Thomas of Barkway and have not yet found his parents. The Essex and Hertfordshire Benevolent Medical Society have a note that the Abbotson the Surgeon of Stanstead went onto Barkway, not that helps get a connection to Lancs. I was actually wondering if they meant Stanstead Abbots, Herts as it is near Barkway, but your information about Lancs is all new to me :) I have been looking for an apprenticeship too, do you have any for the other surgeons you mentioned?

I am currently writing narratives for my direct ancestors and have just completed, as far as anyone ever completes genealogy lol, the one for Thomas and his son Charles Thomas (my 2GGF), his sister Dorothy seems to have been a very independent woman.

I hope to go to Herts Archive later this year, as they have a number of documents relating to bills etc. for his time in Herts, including a Surgeon Insurance document that might have some extra info, well I can hope :)

I also had no joy with Elizabeth, it is possible she is not his child, the will only states the natural child of Sarah. I think Sarah's name might be Bates (the "s" in the doc look like "d")

Excited to converse further.
Happy Researching
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Re: Abbotson (doctor), Hertfordshire, poss. Lancashire

Postby DianaCanada » Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:42 pm

Very excited to see your post, Tracey! I am going to send you a PM and we can compare notes via email.
The names Dorothy and Charles are "Abbotson names" and are repeated for generations. Dorothy Holgate was Thomas Sr. of Hornby's mother and he had a daughter and a couple of nieces named Dorothy. He also had a son Charles.
I do think Thomas Jr. of Hornby is the doctor in Hertfordshire, it is just frustrating that we can't tie the two together.
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