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Colonel John Saul

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Colonel John Saul

Postby PaulH01 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:34 am

I have an ancestor, Colonel John Saul, who, for his 'gallant defence of Croyland Abbey' in 1643 in
the Civil War, received the freedom of King's Lynn. He was also executed there in 1650, as a Royalist.

I have found this mentioned in a couple of places, including the Saul Society. The Colonel is said to be a 'direct ancestor' of some Sauls to whom I definitely have a connection.

I can trace my Saul ancestry, which is exclusively in Lincolnshire as far as I know, back to the 1674 marriage in Stickney between John Saul and Elizabeth Woods, from there, one of their sons, John, born 1688.
There are too many John Sauls before that, and I am not sure where the Colonel fits in.

Can anyone help, or is anyone researching the same? Thanks.
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Re: Colonel John Saul

Postby woodchal » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:56 pm

Google books has "The Anatomy of Revolution Revisited: A Comparative Analysis of England" in which he is mentioned on pages 343 and 344. Unfortunately only page 343 is previewed. It says he was the Governor of Crowland, which I think is the modern name of the settlement. It is says he was less fortunate... but you need the next page to know why!
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Re: Colonel John Saul

Postby PaulH01 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:13 pm

Thanks - it's probably just telling us on the next page about the fact he was executed in 1650, although there may have been some more detail....

As you say, Croyland nowadays appears to be Crowland.

In another book excerpt ('History of Kings Lynn Vol 1') I have found today that Colonel Saul was the grandfather of John Towers, who was the son of George and Rose. There is a Rosa Sawle born 1622 in Swinstead, Lincs, father John, which would fit nicely. The family then may have moved to Crowland with his job (or even South Lynn). where she could have met George Towers. John Sawle is also described as a 'yeoman' in Swinstead in a 1629 document at the Lincs Archives.

Unfortunately there are several John Sauls born 20-40 years before that date in that area, none actually in Swinstead, so little prospect of either identifying Colonel Saul himself, I fear.

Also, since my part of the Saul ancestry seem to be based around the Stickney/Sibsey area, I doubt whether the Colonel is a direct ancestor, probably an uncle or cousin. But interesting!
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