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Mde Vidolle

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Mde Vidolle

Postby Vondick » Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:51 pm

In connection with Lewis Vidolle Kelly of Kildare, Ireland, I am looking for information about the Vidolle family. Mde Vidolle is said to have been born around 1850, possibly in or near Versailles. Can anyone help please?
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Re: Mde Vidolle

Postby Sylcec » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:24 pm

I put the name Vidolle into Familysearch - but nothing showed up for France. Even if people of that name were born/married/died in and around Paris, unfortunately you are unlikely to find them as the Paris civil regn records were destroyed by fire in, from memory, about 1869.

Do you have other evidence from Ireland - marriage, births etc?
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Re: Mde Vidolle

Postby woodchal » Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:38 pm

Found this in google books (found by searching for Vidolle Paris) - The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle for the year 1844. See image.

Also there is a Rue du Vidollet In Geneva.
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Re: Mde Vidolle

Postby ciderdrinker » Fri Dec 22, 2017 10:21 am

There's a tree on Ancestry giving Lewis Vidolle Kelly's mother as Mary Vidolle 1740 or 1749 tp 1809 married to Thomas Kelly 1748-1818.
They give a connection to the Isle of Man.
Lewis on there is married to a Charlotte Gifford at Exeter st Leonard 10.2.1794 .That does exist and Lewis is given as now of Exeter and Charlotte as a minor married by consent of her mother.(Matilda Gifford?)

But I can see Lewis's burial in 1844 and that look's odd 50 years after his marriage if he were still in the Army .But Madme Vidolle can't can't be born in the 1850's in either case.
The brother Ponsonby Moore Kelly was born 1789 joined the 24 foot 1806.

There is a Will for him in 1843 Ireland Diocesan And Prerogative Wills & Administrations Indexes 1595-1858
He seems to have died 1835 and his grave is on Find a Grave at Saint Multose Churchyard
Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

There's quite a lot about him so that Ancestry tree has a lot of mistakes.A younger brother wouldn't be born after 1789 and married 1794.

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Re: Mde Vidolle

Postby MayHam » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:21 pm

Thomas Kelly, of New Abbey, was buried 3 Mar 1818 in the Kildare Church of Ireland cemetery. ... are&page=1

He seems to be referred to as the Sovereign of Kildare like his father, Thomas Sr., c1718-1786. ... loo-kelly/

The following may be his father's family.
03 Mar 1738, German, Isle of Man= K/Cath.(erin) Clucas ... cc=1784428
1. Edward bp. 2 Dec 1739, Kirk-Braddan, Isle of Man, England (Bps Miln?) ... cc=1784428
2. William bp. 12 Jul 1741, Kirk-Braddan, Isle of Man, England (s/o Thos. Kelly miller?) ... cc=1784428
3. Thomas bp. 6 May 1744, Kirk-Braddan, Isle of Man, England (Bps Miln?) ... cc=1784428
4? Catherin bur. 24 Dec 1757, German, Isle of Man (d/o Thos.) ... cc=1784428

Thomas Jr.'s son, Major Ponsonby Moore-Kelly, died 24 Oct 1835 (in the 47th year of his age) and was buried at St. Multose's Cemetery in Kinsale, Co. Cork. ... 0294/grave

Thomas Jr.'s second son, Lewis Vidolle Kelly, died 8 Oct 1844 was buried 11 Oct 1844 in the same cemetery as his father. ... 000195/002
and ... 1015%2f028
and ... are&page=1

If Ponsonby was born around 1788, according to his gravestone, then there must have been two Lewis Kellys. The Lewis from Exeter who married Charlotte Gifford in 1794 could not have been the same younger brother of Ponsonby. I agree the Lt. Lewis Vidol Kelly, of the 69th Regiment, who married Anne Murphy at St. Andrew's RC Church in Dublin on 29 Oct 1834 is most likely Ponsonby's brother. ... 1108%2f016
and ... 8/mode/1up

Adrian posted earlier, "1836 Kelly, Lewis, lieutenant on half-pay" in reference to Sir Arthur Vicars, Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland. post54341.html?hilit=lewis%20kelly#p54341
and ... f519%2f012

Coincidentally, a Lewis Kelly of Kilcullen, Kildare Church of Ireland died 8 Mar 1837 aged 9 months and was buried in the same cemetery as Lewis Vidolle Kelly. The father's occupation is listed as "halfpay of 69th Regiment." ... are&page=1

Was reading the following post from Ruth in 1998 referring to Lewis' mother as Madame Veaal. ... kelly/411/

Wonder if Veaal/Vidol(le) might be a phonetic version of Vidal, Vidouze?
and ... Dublin.pdf

Found the following but unfortunately the baptismal records end in 1720.
Louize Vidal 1718 Jaques Judith Dublin Dublin
Pierre Vidal 1720 Jaques Marguerite Dublin Dublin
Marie Pierrette Videouze 1715 Moyze Marie Dublin Dublin
Jeanne Marguerite Vidouze 1710 Moyse Marie Dublin Dublin
Pierre Vidouze 1712 Moyse Marie (Festas) Dublin Dublin ... iants=true

There was also a Jaques "James" Vidouze, Master Jeweller, c1712-21 Jun 1782, Dublin, Ireland who married 1741, Dublin= Anne Bere(sford) c.1712-21 Dec 1771.

78831 VIDOUZE James        
1741=BERE(SFORD) Anne     
MLB Dublin Diocese RozMcC
and ... 0946%2f008

Anne Bere, wife of James Vidouze died the 21st of December 1771 and was buried the 23rd of the same month at Peters, aged 59 years. ... f130%2f006

Jaques Vidouze died 19th Jun 1782 and was buried the 21st Jun 1782, aged 70. ... 85/138/013
His will ... L/00256532

Hope this helps.
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