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Emily Stephens, formerly Ditcher.

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Emily Stephens, formerly Ditcher.

Postby CliveStephens » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:04 pm

According to the 1939 register Emily Ditcher was born 26th March 1915 and on the 21st May 1940 she married James Patrick Stephens at the Register Office in Rhyl, in the County of Flint.

A daughter Doreen was born in 1940 in the district of Bale.

I have not been able to trace Emily`s death. It is possible that she could be still alive although by now she would be 102!
She was alive in 1986 as she registered the death of her husband, James Patrick Stephens.

I have visited the Westminster Archives who have copies of the Death Registers from the GRO up to date, but I could not find an Emily Stephens with a birth date of 26/03/1915.

Any suggestions or help would enable me to solve this problem relative to my Great Uncles family line.
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Re: Emily Stephens, formerly Ditcher.

Postby gemmalrf » Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:07 am

Hi Clive,

I had a quick look online yesterday for Emily using the information in your post and you're right - it is difficult to find what became of her!

It's worth noting that the date of birth in the 1939 Register isn't always correct. I've come across several of my ancestors whose birth years are off by 1 or 2 years but have the correct date, or the date itself is incorrect but the year is right! An entry in the birth index suggests the year is correct though it could be worth ordering a copy to see if the date matches that in the 1939 Register.

If the date in the birth certificate matches the 1939 Register and Emily has passed away, it could be that the date of birth given for her in the death index is incorrect, or an error has been made in the indexing process.

A few things that it might be useful to try:

- If she is the informant on her husband's death certificate, there should be an address given for her. You could use this to find her in the electoral rolls. If she disappears from that address, it could mean she has moved, passed away or re-married (my great-nan remarried at the age of 62 so it's not beyond the realm of possibility) but at least it might help to bring your timeline up a bit.
- If you can determine where her husband is buried, you may find she is buried with him.
- If you think she remained in the same town or area, you may be able to contact the local newspaper and see if they can do a quick search of their family notices. If she is still alive, it would seem reasonable to assume that the local paper would have featured Emily celebrating her 100th birthday.
- It may help to find what became of Doreen; if she moved to another part of the country, it's possible that her mother moved there with her following her husband's death. It's also possible that if Doreen is no longer alive that they are buried together away from James.

I'm sure other people will be along soon with their suggestions and findings. If I can think of anything else, I will be sure to post!
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Re: Emily Stephens, formerly Ditcher.

Postby CliveStephens » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:28 am

RE Doreen; she married in 1960 to a David McClelland Shirlow who was a soldier and I have traced was born in Northern Ireland. A search om various web site regarding voters lists suggest both Doreen and her husband David, moved to Northern Ireland following their marriage.
It could be that Emily moved to live in Northern Ireland when James Patrick Stephens died.

Not sure how I can find out about death registers for NI.

Thanks for past help on this site.

Clive Stephens
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