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ConerMcgregor to appear on WDYTYA ?

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ConerMcgregor to appear on WDYTYA ?

Postby TheViking » Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:11 pm

Now i am a massive fan of the mix martial arts sports more importantly the UFC and you will know an Irish legend who has recently swept our news by undertaking something that has never been done before in Irish history or in the martial arts fighting scene .

This Irish man goes by the name of Coner McGregor he is from Dublin in Ireland and has come from an unemployed plumber to a champion in 3 fighting divisions in the last 5 years he really has put Ireland on the map. wouldn’t it be amazing if WDYTYA could invite Conner McGregor to undertake researching his family history not only would this be amazing for millions of Conner fans BUT good publicity and advertising for wdytya.

Is Conner from a long line of worrier just like himself ? This would be amazing to find out where he gets his fighting techniques from and how he came from nothing to a worrier.

Now i know this wouldn't be to everyone's taste but for me this would be a dream as i am also from Irish ancestors. :)
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