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Whittaker, Fletcher, Foster - Lancashire to Massachusetts

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Whittaker, Fletcher, Foster - Lancashire to Massachusetts

Postby DianaCanada » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:55 pm

This relates to an earlier thread I began a couple of months ago:

In this case, I am specifically looking for one member of the Whittaker family.

I ordered a birth certificate for a Rosamond Whittaker thinking she was one of the family in my line that went to the US in 1882.
In 1881 Emily (9) and Rosamond (3) are living with their mother, Elizabeth A. , 28, b. Manchester, running a boarding house in Oldham. She is listed as a widow. Her lodger is Luther Amos.

There are very few Rosamond/Rosamund Whittaker/Whitakers in all of England, let alone Lancashire, so I ordered the certificate, forgetting to check the maiden name. I had checked it for the older girl in the census, and indicated Fletcher was the maiden name. My relative was Elizabeth Ann Fletcher who married John Whittaker 12 Feb 1871 at Manchester Cathedral. Elizabeth was the daughter of Harriet Hibbert and William Fletcher.
When their two daughters married in Massachusetts, they listed their parents as John Whittaker and Elizabeth Ann Fletcher. Elizabeth Ann married (2) Luther Amos, in Lynn, Mass. I have not found a death record for her.
The birth certificate that I ordered was for Rosamond Whittaker, born 17 Jul 1877 (same age as mine) but daughter of Joseph Whittaker and Elizabeth Ann formerly Taylor. She was born in Tonge, Oldham district.
So I am reconciled that by a very strange coincidence there were two Rosamonds born in roughly the same area, both with mothers named Elizabeth Ann.
I also ordered a death record for Harriet Fletcher who died 21 Jan 1876, age 51, of Brideoake Square, Oldham Above Town. Harriet was the widow of William Fletcher. Informant was her daughter Elizabeth Ann Whittaker of the same address. Harriet was my ancestor's sister and everything fits except the occupation for her husband doesn't match. So I do think my Elizabeth Ann Fletcher Whittaker was in Oldham in 1876.

Rosamond Whittaker eventually married Edwin Foster in Boston, Mass., listing her parents as John and Elizabeth Ann (Fletcher) Whittaker.

I do think there are two Rosamonds, but I can't track down the other one. I found her parents later on, and a younger brother named Fred, but no sign of Rosamond anywhere. At some point Joseph and Elizabeth Ann (Taylor) Whittaker disappear from the census, believe between 1901 and 1911 because I was hoping to find out how many children E.A. had, but could not find them in 1911.
"My" Rosamond died in Merrimac, Mass. in 1954, I found her and her husband on Find-a-Grave. No exact b.d. but her gravestone gives her year of birth as 1877.
Anyone that could help me find Rosamond daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Ann, I would be very grateful!
BTW, the 1900 census for US that gives month and year of birth - well, of course I can't find Rosamond there, she was still single, found her married sister and her family but not Rosamond. She married in 1910, so definitely alive in 1900.
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