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Too many Daniel FLAVELLs

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Too many Daniel FLAVELLs

Postby nuttree » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:15 am

Two pairs of Daniel FLAVELLS lived in the Sedgley area of Staffodshire
1. Daniel baptised 16 Apr 1722 to Thomas and Mary and Daniel baptised 28 Apr 1723 to Daniel and Mary.
Their fathers were brothers. One married a Sarah (marriage not found) about 1752 and had 3 known children before 1763.
But which Daniel was this?
2. Daniel baptised 22 Mar 1772 to Stephen and Hannah and Daniel baptised 1 Aug 1773 to Jonah and Mary (nee BUNCH) one married Pheobe PERRY 26 Jan 1795 and had 6 children before 1813 while the other married Hannah SHARE 27 Jul 1795 and had6 known children before Hannah died in 1818
Again the problem is which Daniel married each lady?
(Stephen was a son of Daniel and Sarah of the first problem and Jonah was a grandson of another brother of the fathers in the first problem)
I will be glad to have any ideas about how to sort these out please.
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Re: Too many Daniel FLAVELLs

Postby AdrianB38 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:13 pm

1. Have you checked for burials? Obviously no help for the 2nd case but there might be a reason why only one of the first pair is known later. While a burial might just pose the same "Which Daniel?" question, there's also a chance that one might be distinguished by "Daniel, son of..." or "Daniel of ...".

2. I take it that you've checked for wills?

3. Any other evidence of where they lived in other entries? (Hoping that the 2 lived in different places...) I ask because I've solved similar problems in the census era (yeah, I know, sorry) where I realised that one guy was always in the same house or next door to his mother's family.

Best of luck - I think you may need it.
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Re: Too many Daniel FLAVELLs

Postby nuttree » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:14 pm

Many thanks for your interest.
I think we have cleared up the first problem,

Daniel and Sarah have three children their baptisms all in Sedgley give the abode of each
1Over(upper) Gornal,2Cotwallend and the third Modenhill
There is a burial of a DANIEL in 1741 in Sedgley abode Cotwallend ...I think this was the father of DANIEL 1723 as he and Mary had children with the abode Cotwallend after Daniel the last two being Joseph 1734/35 and Benjamin 1736.
Thomas and Mary had children in Gornalwood and his second wife died in Gornalwood.

Now off to see if the second pair can be sorted in similar fashion
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Re: Too many Daniel FLAVELLs

Postby ciderdrinker » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:50 pm

On the second Daniel Flavell there is a 1851 census entry for Daniel Falvell born 1773 at Woodside with wife Ann (presumably the widower who married Ann Brown at Dudley 1.5.1820) and granddaughter Sarah Ann Beddow age 14.
He is buried at Sedgley All Saints 24 June 1851 age 78 so born June 1772 - June 1773 if his age is right.So he must be the son of Jonah and Mary Flavell.
looks like Sarah Beddow married 30.3.1860 to Edward Gray at St Thomas Dudley
So which of the daughters married a Mr Benjamin Beddow miner?

Or which first wife died before 1820-The answer Pheobe Flavell at Sedgley All Saints 24.4.1834 of Cotwallend age 59 and Hannah w of Daniel 6.8.1818 age 42 .
So the Daniel who married Hannah Share must be son of Jonah and Mary Flavell who goes on to marry Ann Brown.

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Re: Too many Daniel FLAVELLs

Postby nuttree » Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:06 am

I agree that ONE Daniel married both Hannah SHARE and Ann BROWN because of the burial dates of Phoebe and Hannah. I have taken him to be Jonah and Mary's son simply because he and Hannah named his second son Jonah and Daniel and Phoebe named their first son Stephen.
I don't think you can rely on ages given on one census you need two or three to be more confident and sadly neither were going to appear on more than two one being the 1841 subject to rounding and the age on burial was given by some one else who may not have known his exact birth date.

Consider this situation
A Joseph and Sarah had the following children baptised in Sedgley born in Woodsetton

James 1826
William 1828
Joseph 1831
Nancy 1833
John I836
Job 1838

1841 Joseph and Sarah both 40 with all the above children in order and then a Selina 10 was on the end of the list was she part of the family,(a niece) or was she 10 mnths or 10 days/ born 1796-1801?

1851 Joseph 1797 Sarah 1799 both from Parks Hall with William and Joseph, (both born Parks Hall) John, Job and Elizabeth (born Coppice)

Piece: 2031
Folio: 431
Page Number:9

1861 with son Job and daur Elizabeth BUNN both from Sedgley
Joseph. 1799 Sarah 1800 both born Sedgley

Piece: 2049
Folio: 52
Page Number:1

Taken on either the 1851 or 1861 censuses they appear to be two different Josephs born two years apart in different places, but the presence of son Job and daughter Elizabeth confirms there is only one Joseph involved but which one? There are four Josephs baptised in Sedgley between 1797 and 1800, two in 1797!

Thank you for your interest now I will need to check on the Sarah Beddow I had totally ignored that thank you for helping with her. Then I have a big tangle to unravell with one of the many Joseph FLAVELLs

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